Rear View Mirror Camera – Keep an Eye on Your Car While Backing Up

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By Henry Jackson

If you want a rear view mirror camera for your vehicle, there are several options on the market. You can choose a solar-powered camera that will not require changing batteries and has a sleek, rectangular monitor. You can also buy additional cameras separately. Some of these cameras feature a second monitor for even split vision.

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An Auto-Vox rearview mirror camera is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your car while backing up. You can install these devices on most cars to help you see behind you. There are several types of backup cameras available on the market. It is important to choose one that is suitable for your needs and budget.

The AUTO-VOX V5 rear view mirror camera uses a six-glass blue lens that filters glare and other light sources. The camera is designed to cover five lanes of traffic and features a 145-degree front and rear viewing angle. The camera is mounted to a sliding mount which allows it to catch obstacles that may be in the way. In addition, you can use the power button to operate the mirror as a traditional mirror.

An Auto-Vox rear view mirror camera comes with PC software that you can download for free. The software also allows you to view a route recorded by the camera. It also displays the current speed and compass heading in real-time. Another feature of the software is the backup parking guide. Once enabled, the guide displays automatically when your car is in reverse. The camera does not move when you turn the wheel, making it a useful vehicle safety aid.

The AUTO-VOX V5 backup camera is a dual dashcam/DVR with forwarding and rear-facing 1080P HD video cameras and a GPS receiver. It also has a microphone and an audio system and can record location and speed information. The rearview mirror camera is mounted inside the regular mirror and doesn’t take up any extra space. The AUTO-VOX V5’s display is mirrored, making it easy to see when in use. One drawback of the AUTO-VOX V5 is that it is not resistant to extreme temperatures, so you should be careful when driving in cold climates.


The Gentex rear view mirror camera is a powerful digital video recording device that helps protect the driver in the event of a crash. It also helps drivers keep tabs on passengers, which can be particularly useful if a child is in the car. The mirror-integrated DVR records video of the entire front, rear, and inside of the vehicle, allowing users to download the video files directly to a smartphone.

The Gentex Full Display Mirror is available in over 50 car models worldwide from eight automakers. Its integrated DVR was launched last year in Japan and is expected to be available to other automakers worldwide. The company is also working on additional programs to make rearview mirror cameras smarter.

Another recent development by Gentex is a rearview mirror with a built-in toll payment module. Audi vehicles are expected to get the mirror this year. The camera would automatically determine the toll module a driver uses based on their biometric profile. It could also open the door to additional cloud services like social media account access or health information.

The Gentex Rear Camera Display Mirror combines video technology with an auto-dimming mirror. The technology uses proprietary coatings and lighting techniques to deliver a high-resolution display. This technology is quick to market, inexpensive, and easy to install. It also gives drivers a new way to use the mirror and helps minimize the risk of a backup accident.


Pyle’s PLCMDVR42 rearview mirror camera is a hi-resolution, dual camera safety system that includes a rearview mirror monitor and an exterior mount waterproof cam. Both cameras point toward the front windshield in the forward direction while capturing full HD 1080p video. The camera also has a built-in 4.25-inch LCD for viewing images.

This camera’s features include a built-in monitor and a wide 16:9 aspect ratio. It includes a video recorder, a micro SD card slot, and all necessary cables. This rearview mirror camera is an affordable way to enhance your driving safety. The Pyle PLCMDVR42 also has a monitor that can be hooked up to two video sources.