Quick Ways To Add, Delete, and Share Airtable Base

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By Madelyne

Airtable is a hybrid database program made specifically with small businesses in mind. Due to Airtable base extensive features, adaptability, and integrations, Airtable is a superior option to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for many companies. 

There are already over 300,000 businesses using this technology, and of them, 30% are paying customers.

Overview of Base in Airtable

Bases are the top level of structure in an airtable base vs workspace. There can be more than one table in a Base, and each table can have its data. Bases can store all kinds of data, like information about users, goods, projects, and more.

How to Include an Airtable Base

How Airtable works? Start by opening the Airtable app and making sure you’re signed in. Here, you can see a list of your Workspaces and the Bases they contain. 

Follow the simple steps below to make a new Base.

  • Click the “+” button to add a base.
  • Use a template from Airtable’s library of templates.
  • Or, Start fresh with a new base.
  • It’s easy to start with a blank template.

How to Remove a Base from an Airtable

Again, it’s easy to delete a Base from the main Airtable panel. You can see a list of all your Bases here. Follow the simple steps below to get rid of a Base.

  • 1) Click the dropdown menu next to the Base Name
  • 2) Click on “Delete Base.”
  • 3) Check “Delete.”

Ok, now you know how to use Bases and handle them in Airtable. The next step is to look at the facts. We’ll talk about how Tables work in Airtable.

How can I share Airtable Base?

It is easy to share an Airtable Base with other people. To do this, do the following:

  • Open the table you want to share the airtable base as a template.
  • Click the “Share” button in the upper right spot.
  • You’ll see a window that gives you different ways to share.
  • Choose the right choice for sharing based on what you need. You can email the base, make a link that can be shared, or add team members’ email addresses to the base to invite them.
  • You can control what others can do with the base by setting the entry rights. Both “Read-only” and full editing permissions are available to you.
  • Once you’ve chosen the sharing choices and rights you want, click “Send” or “Copy Link” to send the base to the people or groups you chose.

Overview of Table in Airtable

Airtable Base

Airtable base design is the basic organizing unit in an Air table Base. Customer records, product specifications, project details, and more may be organised and stored in a table.

Airtable Table Creation Guide

In Airtable, you must first choose a Base before you can add a Table. It can be done on the main page of Airtable. Follow these simple steps once you’re in a Base to make a new Table.

  • To add a table, click “+.”
  • Create a blank table or other data source.
  • Give the table a name.
  • Save the new table.

How to Delete an Airtable Table

Now that you know how to add a Table, it would be helpful to know how to delete one. Before removing a Table in Airtable, you must choose a Base. Once in a Base, you can remove a Table by following these simple steps.

  • Use the dropdown menu next to the table name
  • Click “Delete Table”
  • Confirm “Delete

When you link records between different Airtable Tables, you can make connections between data that belong together. Follow these steps to link records:

  • Open the table (let’s call it Table A) where you want to add a link.
  • Make a new field in Table A, a “Link to another record” type.
  • In this new field, you can choose records from another table (let’s call it Table B) to link to the current record in Table A.
  • Airtable will show you a list of Table B’s information. Choose the record(s) you want to connect to the present record in Table A.
  • You have now connected the records in Table A and Table B. 

This link lets you quickly reach and look at related information in different forms. With this tool, you can use your Airtable Base to make powerful relational systems and handle complex data connections.


With an Airtable base, your group can move quickly and work together. Airtable enables you to centralise the management of your most critical business activities on a single platform, which includes monitoring global marketing campaigns and managing your product roadmap.