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Has Stiftung Warentest carried out a current trampoline test?

In March 2020, Stiftung Warentest published a trampoline test in which every second trampoline was convincing. Three of the trampolines tested even had safety deficiencies. vr rc car In its trampoline test, the foundation points out how important instructions are when jumping and rules of conduct are in order to avoid accidents.

What is the set-up time for a garden trampoline?

In several trampoline tests, 2 to 4 hours of set-up time are indicated. This certainly also depends on the craftsmanship of the individual.

Are rubber springs or steel springs better on a fitness trampoline?

Rubber springs are better and also quieter. This is the result of various trampoline tests in the »Fitness trampolines« category. Even with a fitness trampoline, pay attention to a cover of the springs and padding of the frame.

How much does a garden trampoline cost?

The price range starts at less than 200 euros and is virtually open to the top. The most expensive trampolines cost four-digit euro amounts. However, these also score with fiberglass springs, 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, a high safety standard and similar factors. Of course, there is a trampoline also used to buy, but pay attention to an impeccable condition.

Does the HUDORA Fantastic Complete 300V trampoline cause noise when jumping?

HUDORA’s trampoline doesn’t make an extraordinary amount of noise. If the feathers start to squeak, they can be lubricated with an appropriate oil.

Up to what weight is the Monzana trampoline Ø 366 cm loadable?

The maximum load capacity of the Monzana trampoline Ø 366 cm is 150 kg. The padded edge cover, the bar cover and the reinforced safety net ensure maximum safety.

What weight is the Ampel24 Outdoor Trampoline designed for?

The outdoor trampoline from Ampel24 can be loaded up to 160 kg and is therefore suitable for children and adults alike. In addition, it convinces with an extra stable safety net.

Is the SONGMICS trampoline with safety net also suitable for adults?

The SONGMICS trampoline is a jumping device designed for rc car for children to jump. However, the garden trampoline can be loaded up to 150 kg, so that adults can also use the device.

Up to what weight is the Kesser trampoline resilient?

This trampoline from Kesser can be loaded with a maximum weight of up to 150 kg. The internal safety net and padded rods ensure safety.

Is the SONGMICS trampoline STR10FT also TÜV-tested?

The SONGMICS trampoline is certified by TÜV Rheinland (certificate no.: S 50396839). If you buy the SONGMICS trampoline STR10FT, you benefit from the durability, safety and excellent jumping properties of the trampoline.

What is the jumping surface of the Ultrasport Uni-Jump trampoline?

If you buy this trampoline from Ultrasport, jumping fun on 146 cm jumping surface is guaranteed. The maximum load capacity is also 100 kg.

What grades did the individual trampolines receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal trampoline test winner from the following list:

First place – good: 183 from Kinetic Sports – exemplary Internet price: 130 Euro

Second place – good: Jumper from Kinetic Sports – exemplary Internet price: 80 Euro

Third place – good: SixBros. TG305/1695 by SixBros. – exemplary Internet price: 209 Euro

Fourth place – good: Sportstech HTX100 from Sportstech – exemplary Internet price: 130 Euro

Fifth place – good: DBTP305-4W from Monzana – exemplary Internet price: 220 Euro

Sixth place – good: E0003BC from EUGAD – exemplary Internet price: 153 Euro

Seventh place – good: Fantastic Trampoline 65730 by Hudora – exemplary Internet price: 394 Euro

Eighth place – good: Ampel24 Outdoor Trampoline by Ampel 24 – exemplary Internet price: 499 Euro

Ninth place – good: STR12BK by SONGMICS – exemplary Internet price: 300 Euro

Tenth place – good: Elegant Premium from Exit – exemplary Internet price: 839 Euro