Pursuing Compensation for a Brain Injury: Why Work with an Attorney

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By Riley

Any injury to the head can affect many aspects of your life It can leave with physical limitations, cognitive impairment, and financial burden This injury can become worse when left unchecked. Thus, you must seek immediate medical attention after an accident. This allows you to avoid complications and ensures that nobody can question the validity of your potential injury claim. 

Take your time exploring your legal options after sustaining a brain injury. You need to contact an attorney today to help you navigate the legal system and exhaust all opportunities for compensation. 

Accidents that Can Cause TBIs

Traumatic brain injuries can develop when you are involved in serious motor vehicle accidents. During these accidents, your head can be violently hit by a hard object. The resulting head injury can have lasting physical, mental, and financial effects. 

Additionally, a TBI can also develop in slip-and-fall accidents. These accidents are particularly dangerous if they involve seniors. But anyone who slips and falls can suffer from a brain injury A serious injury to the brain can leave you unable To work for a long time Thus you want to be compensated for the income you lost during this time

How Severe a TBI Can Be

Initially, some concussions seem mild. However, they can lead to different complications when left unchecked. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, immediate medical attention must be sought. This allows you to have medical documentation of the injury and its possible complications. This documentation will strengthen your case, particularly if somebody else was responsible for the accident.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

A reliable attorney should handle your case if you want to have a strong case against the party who caused your accident. An experienced attorney will prove the extent of your injury and your damages. The best attorney in the city will gather evidence that can support your case. They can collect related photos and videos of the accident scene. Also, they can get official statements from witnesses or even work with field experts.

Compensation can come from the insurance company of the responsible party. Insurance companies are not easy to deal with.  They will try to downplay your injury and question all evidence you may present. Thankfully, an injury attorney has extensive experience handling these companies and knows how they work. Usually, insurance companies take injury claims seriously when handled by a lawyer.  The following are reasons you need a TBI attorney:

  • A brain injury can cause unnoticeable damage. A brain injury can cause hard-to-notice damage. These damages can cause symptoms that impact your everyday life. They can result in more medical complications. They don’t show up in tests, so insurers can argue that you are not suffering from these damages. While a lot of TBI symptoms can improve over time, others can last for years. Usually, insurance providers try to paint the milder TBI systems as not related to your brain trauma. Your attorney will work closely with your treating doctor to secure medical evidence. This evidence will prove that your injury and some complications do exist.
  •  It can be hard to prove some damages. The dollar value of a TBI and its lingering symptoms is not easy to calculate. However, a personal injury attorney can assign a value to your injury. Also, they can translate your physical and emotional pain and suffering into damage. Your attorney can calculate damages such as medical treatment, loss of companionship, lost wages, occupational therapy, and punitive damages. They will consider your circumstances, your insurance coverage, and the losses you have incurred.

  Your attorney will consult experts. Medical experts can help bolster your claim. They can give testimonies to support your arguments and claims. These testimonies should prove the severity of your brain injury. Also, they can explain the impacts of your injury on your daily functioning and life. These medical experts can also give opinions about your ability to earn income and enjoy living.

  Insurers make lowball settlement offers. You need legal representation to get a reasonable settlement offer. Insurance companies tend to find fault in claimants, so they can deny claims. An attorney can counter these tactics and get you the compensation you deserve.