Provide Mobile Power for all Electrical Appliances with a Sine Wave Inverter

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Nowadays, there are plenty of options available to provide portable power supply on the move, whether you need it for camping, power outages or other emergency situations in your household or office, but perhaps the most reliable one is sine wave inverter because of its efficiency and high performance.

Pure sine wave inverters are specially designed to convert battery power into safe, reliable household current and they’re the best choice when you need to provide power to sensitive electrical equipment, like TV’s, computers, and other electronics, as well as high-wattage appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. Find out more about pure sine wave inverters by reading this article.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter technology

Pure sine wave inverters usually convert 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC electricity. Because they produce pure sine waves, these inverters are ideal for powering sensitive electronics such as computers and flat screen televisions. They also provide more power than modified sine wave inverters.

There are 12 to 24v pure sine wave inverter models readily available in the market to power up your home appliances. The higher voltage versions can be used to run larger appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and air conditioners.

The Need for Mobile Power

Power is required in nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether we’re at home, work or on-the-go, it’s essential to have access to electricity. However, there are many instances where we need a portable power source that can keep up with our ever-changing lifestyles. This is where mobile pure sine wave inverters come into play! They provide us with an easy way to generate power wherever and whenever we need it!

In our homes, some appliances are fixed in a certain place and they need to be powered through a reliable AC power source. Sometimes, when we go outside on trip, we have portable electrical appliances in our car or backpack. For example, we may want to use a laptop computer, a small refrigerator or charge up our cell phone. Pure sine wave inverters provide us with an easy way to generate power wherever and whenever we need it!

Applications of Pure Sine Wave Inverter

There are many different uses of sine wave inverters, both at home and in a outdoor. They can be used to supply electricity to devices which are mentioned below.

Air Conditioning:

A sine wave inverter can be used to supply AC current to an air conditioner. The sine wave inverters are designed specifically for such purpose and can be easily connected to air conditioners. A 48V 6000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter can perform best in situations where AC output is required at 120V/220V 50/60Hz.

Washing Machine:

As washing machines consume large amount of electricity, it is always better to use pure sine wave inverters. These inverters can be connected directly to washing machine and provide them required AC current. These mobile inverters make 100% pure sine wave output with low distortion which is highly suitable for these kind of appliances.


High rating pure sine wave inverters are highly recommended for home refrigerators. A high capacity 6000 Watt sine wave inverter can easily run multiple appliances at same time. These inverters can be used to supply AC current to both household and commercial refrigerators.

Microwave Oven:

A microwave oven is another appliance which requires an inverter to operate for smooth AC input. Pure sine wave inverters can be connected directly to these devices and provide them required electricity without any distortion. These are specially designed inverters which can supply high current.

TV/Computer and Audio Equipment:

Pure sine wave inverters are highly recommended for using TV sets, computers and other audio equipment which consume high amount of electricity. A high wattage inverter can easily run multiple devices at same time without any disturbance.