Protect your house with trusted Door Locks

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It is hard to find a residential or commercial building that does not use locks. Door locks are an essential element to protect the privacy of any residential or commercial building and it is important to have them installed at the proper places. Whether you are a homeowner or a businessman, it is your responsibility to safeguard your assets and other valuables, and this is best done when you safeguard your essentials with tough locks.

Various types of door locks.

While most people acknowledge how important locks are, they are unaware of the number of options available to them. It is vital to make sure the lock that you think will protect your valuables does protect your valuables. To help you give a perspective and enlighten you more on the variety of locks, here is a detailed description of the different types of most useful door locks.

Deadbolts: These are the most popular door locks. These are better used for protecting exterior doors and outlets, however, there is no law against using them for the interior doors. There are mainly two types of deadbolts- single cylinder deadbolts and double cylinder deadbolts. The one major difference between the two is that the former uses a keyed cylinder on one side of the door while the latter uses a keyed cylinder on both sides of the door. Different locks go at different places. A lot of homeowners think that a double cylinder deadbolt would limit emergency exits which is why they do not use them in the interior rooms.

Cylindrical Lever locks: The most comforting about this lock is how easy it is to operate. It takes the space right below the door handle which makes it one of the most popular choices for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is easy to locate and use. Its simplicity is one major reason why it is so popular even in a commercial building. The cylindrical lever lock is not an ideal choice to be installed on the main entrance of the house since they are fragile and may not be very resistant to break-ins.

Electronic and smart locks: Electronic locks are technology-oriented and were initially used to protect expensive apartments and complexes. Thanks to their rapid growth, these are now available for everyone, for all types of houses and buildings for a very reasonable price. A smart lock provides extra layered safety since it requires a specific set of commands to operate i.e., to lock and unlock. This command could be a voice message, a numeric or alpha code, or a fingerprint. The one drawback to these locks is that they stop working during a power failure. This means that your house now becomes completely accessible. To overcome this, it is advisable to use a smart lock in combination with a traditional lock, so your house remains safe even if there is no electricity.

Mortise Locks: This lock consists of integral hardware that is mounted in the door. It comes with a threaded lock cylinder and cam which is used for latching and unlatching the lock. These locks are not easily available because of how in-demand they are. These locks and tough, durable, safe, and secure and you might have to order them in advance or go and purchase them in person. Whichever way you choose to get them, it is worth it given you are safeguarding your valuable objects and your precious home.