Pros and Cons of Paid Amazon FBA courses

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Amazon FBA training programs

For sure, Amazon FBA training programs provide the essential knowledge and benefits the sellers in a number of ways, still there are some aspects which remain under discussion by the experts and the course takers. Of course, most of the courses out there are just time and money wasters as these are just making the new learners fools with their scamming strategies.

The learning and experience which could be gained from expert sellers course cannot be exactly same with a course offered and designed by a learner himself. If you are interested in taking a paid course to start your career as Amazon FBA VA or even want to start selling on Amazon to make some more money, try to analyze the course available on the below points of pros and cons.

Pros of an Amazon Paid Course

  1. The content of the Course- For a better course, the content should be long and detailed. This enables learners to cover each and every aspect of learning the Amazon FBA model.
  2. Should include research tools- Remember, for most of the large marketplaces of Amazon, there are tailored tools which are making most of the research. So, the course which has practice of these tools is a good one to go.
  3. A good course design the modules step by step making the learning simple with each step. A good course should focus of points like product research, product sourcing, product listing, inventory plan creation, PPC campaign management, inventory management and finally seller account management as a whole.
  4. A good course is one which provide free access to the learners.
  5. There are good courses which provide real training on real project and account after a session on each skill. This enables learners to go through the real process.
  6. It’s best to go for a course which offers real class sessions.
  7. A good course also offers free membership and access to the social media forums.
  8. Mentoring services are usually offered by serious and good course providers even after completion of the class.
  9. A good course is offered on an average price.

Cons of an Amazon Paid Course

  1. Those courses which have short deadlines for money back. For example, courses offering money back guarantee period for a week will be offering quality in the classes but after that, they don’t.
  2. If you are asked to watch a video before a class or as a part of class, its bad, as there is most of the content on YouTube and you can watch there as well, so what’s the reason behind paying them.
  3. There are courses which provide free access to some part of the course, for example in the beginning of the course and then you would be asked to pay a huge amount to continue further.
  4. If the course is offered on a high price as compare to other courses available in market, then this is a wrong course for you.

Choosing a course could be a life changing decision if you take it seriously by going for a market research first. Think about your business plan and make sure you are at the right track towards a successful Amazon selling business.