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At jacobsens-rengø, we are specialists in cleaning just that kind of buildings and premises, which means that we are the right people to contact when it comes to cleaning in schools and institutions. As with our regular business cleaning, we only make use of serious and well-trained employees who make an effort to deliver a satisfactory result. In this way, we can help to ensure that the risk of infection and the poor indoor climate in kindergartens and schools are reduced to a minimum.


Commercial cleaning on a large and small scale

We are geared to take on large cleaning tasks that require many cleaning people. However, this does not mean that we do not also accept smaller cleaning tasks. No matter how much or how little commercial cleaning you need, we at jacobsens-rengø are ready to help you.

Is it time once and for all to get to the bottom of the dirt, we are happy to come and perform a head cleaning. At a head cleaning, we go through everything and make sure to get into every corner and nook. It is especially a good idea if it has been a while since you last had a main cleaning done in the business premises. A head cleaning can also be the starting point for a more regular company cleaning Rengøringsservice, where you make sure to get it cleaned properly the first time and then continuously follow up with more cleaning.

However, it is not only the large and thorough head cleanings that we can help with. If you are considering changing the carpets in the office, because many and stubborn stains have gradually appeared, it is us you should contact. We are specialists in, among other things , carpet cleaning , and if a carpet cleaning is carried out properly, you can get rid of almost any stain, no matter how old and stubborn it is. So there is no need to put a lot of money into new rugs if you can use a simple rug cleaner to make the old ones as good as new again.

If the stairs are not what they used to be, we can also help you clean your stairs again. It is not so greasy if there are footprints of mud and other things on the stairs, but we can be helpful in removing it completely.

Last but not least, we also offer window cleaning , where we make sure to remove dirt, grime and greasy fingers from your windows. You may not think about how dirty your windows really are, but once they have been cleaned, the difference will be obvious. And it’s a little more comfortable to stay in a business room if you can see what’s going on the other side of the windows.

In this way, we dare to say that we handle all types of commercial cleaning, from the minor but important tasks to the classic head cleaning.


Competent and serious employees ensure good company cleaning

We are of the belief that good company cleaning can not be done without good cleaning people. Therefore, we take pride in hiring and working exclusively with serious and competent employees who are trained in their specific field.

If you start a carpet cleaner, for example, without knowing anything about it, you may end up doing more harm than good. Therefore, it is vital that we make use of serious employees who know something about our profession.

At the same time, cleaning Rengøringshjælp is something where you can quickly feel like jumping over where the fence is lowest. You know that yourself from when you clean your home, and you want to finish quickly. However, it is of no use, because poor or inadequate cleaning in offices, institutions and the like can have inappropriate consequences in the long run. Therefore, it is important for us that all our employees are serious about their profession and take pride in delivering a satisfactory result every time, so we can be sure that our commercial cleaning is among Denmark’s best.

The fact that our employees are trained in their profession also means that they know the best products and know how to use them in the best possible way. Commercial cleaning is not worth much if you do not use some proper products that bring bacteria, dirt and grime to life.

In addition, we focus on choosing to clean products containing an absolute minimum of chemicals, so that as few chemicals as possible are left behind when we clean. This is especially significant in schools and institutions, as children will often be more vulnerable to the toxic and harmful properties of chemicals. When you choose us as your partner for commercial cleaning, you get all the benefits of good company cleaning, without having to be afraid of junk employees or residues of harmful chemicals.


Commercial cleaning that meets your needs

Companies are different and have different needs for company cleaning. At jacobsens-rengø, we fully understand this, and therefore we are also very flexible in our agreements regarding commercial cleaning. We do not have a fixed framework for what a commercial cleaning agreement should look like, but instead focus on finding and meeting your individual needs.

This means that we thoroughly clean your premises, no matter what they look like, where they are located and how they are decorated. It also means we can make a plan for when and how often we need to come to clean your business premises.

Often it will be an advantage for a company to have cleaning outside of working hours so that it does not bother or disturb the employees and the work. That way, you can get professional cleaning Erhvervsrengøring that matches your needs and desires, no matter what they should look like.

We also offer company cleaning on a temporary basis. Should your permanent cleaning employee become ill or go on holiday, we always have the opportunity to step in and offer temporary service, where the level of cleaning lives up to your requirements. In this way, there is no need to relax the cleaning or the efforts made for health and well-being in the workplace, even if the regular cleaning help is not available for one reason or another.

When you choose Venice as your partner for commercial cleaning, you are sure to enter into an agreement with a cleaning company based on you and what you need in terms of cleaning. You are always more than welcome to contact us and get a non-binding offer on the exact agreement on company cleaning that best suits you and your company.