Princess Diana’s biographer accuses Meghan Markle of lying to Oprah Winfrey

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The wife of British prince Harry Meghan Markle lied in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, saying that she did not leave the house during her stay in the royal family, said biographer of Princess Diana Andrew Morton.

In an interview with the American TV presenter, Markle claimed that only twice in four months she left the palace in which she lived with her husband. In addition, her passport and driver’s license were taken away.

“Meghan Markle led a normal life during her time with the royal family and was seen out with friends in restaurants, despite the fact that she told Oprah that she did not leave the house,” – quotes the words of Morton Daily Mail on Friday, April 2 …

Morton recalled that the royal couple traveled abroad several times, in addition, in 2019, Markle flew to New York in a private jet to celebrate his birthday.

The biographer also noted that his friends personally saw the wife of the British prince, who was leaving the supermarket with bags of groceries, heading back to Kensington Palace.

Earlier, on March 14, it became known that representatives of Buckingham Palace engaged a third-party law firm to investigate complaints from employees of the royal court regarding the behavior of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle.

On March 11, Prince William reacted to the scandalous interview of his brother’s wife Meghan Markle, noting that there is no racism in the royal family.

On March 7, in an interview with CBS, the wife of the British prince said that some members of the royal family had concerns about the skin color of their unborn son Archie. Markle did not name names so as not to cause “serious damage”, and added that her husband told her about it.

Last January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their desire to relinquish the duties of senior members of the royal family and gain financial independence from Buckingham Palace.