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Who does not want to study at Harvard, Oxford or another prestigious foreign university, in order to break through there, you will have to work hard. But sometimes at the very last stage of the realization of your dream, trouble can appear. Not so designed and translated documents often spoil everything at the last moment.

Translation requirements

First of all, the selection committees pay attention to the correctness and literacy of the language, then to other points. To achieve the maximum effect, it is better to draw up an application for admission together with the parents, and entrust the translation to professionals. Be that as it may, you will have to send a copy of your diploma or certificate or Passport Translation here we can give a little advice. If you have any scientific papers, publications, theses, or maybe stories written with your own hand, then you need to let them go. The Institute will certainly be interested in such a capable student, and this will only work to your advantage. But do not forget that all documents must be in their language, and our translation agency , which can handle any texts, will deal with this task in a matter of days.

A mandatory moment is the passing of language tests, which will determine your level of language proficiency. In addition to other tests and assignments, you will have to write a letter to the admissions office, explaining why you wanted to study here and what are your advantages. Of course, the translator will not do this for you, but he will be able to help you correctly format and apply all his knowledge so that you can express yourself as best as possible. At this stage , the translation agencies have done everything in their power.

But you can again turn to them for help, this time already drawing up documents for traveling outside the country. Since the visa will not be a tourist one, but a study one, here you need to act very carefully and accurately, since the possibility of future education at a prestigious university is at stake. Our bureau has already encountered similar situations, so there will be no problems. You just need to trust us and not worry about anything.

Agree that it is much more pleasant to pack your bags and dream about the upcoming trip than to stand all day long in a close kilometer-long queue in terribly narrow aisles among thousands of people. Probably not such memories should remain in the last days of your stay at home. Still, it is better to spend them with your family, and we will help you with this.


What affects the quality and speed of translation?

Everyone who has ever applied to various translation centers hoped for a quick and high-quality result, but, unfortunately, there are not so many good agencies. It depends on a variety of criteria, which we will now look at.

First of all, it is the selection of personnel. It is this factor that, although not the most decisive, definitely plays an important role in this matter. In most cases, the selection of employees in translation agencies like One Step Translation Ltd is carried out based on such requirements as:

Translation agency requirements

  1. Higher education is required, preferably linguistics.
  2. Passing an internship in those countries whose languages ​​they studied.
  3. Having communication skills.
  4. Ability to respond quickly in stressful situations.

Also, an equally important aspect that affects the speed of translation can be called the level of technical support and equipment of the employee’s workplace. Even with the deepest knowledge of a particular language, it will be problematic to translate the text using the old outdated technique.

The state of the sample text can also cause some difficulties. It often happens that the document is poorly scanned or written by hand. It is these little things that waste time, because the employee has to fix some flaws on his own.

Let’s not forget that the competitive spirit that reigns in the team also affects the speed and quality of work. It is not uncommon for translation agency owners to allocate bonuses, extra days off, or other incentives for employees who have shown their best performance. And, conversely, those employees who violate the terms of the employment contract are subject to sanctions in the form of deductions from wages and deprivation of bonuses.

An equally important point is the workload of the employee. Basically, employers hire a small number of employees in order to pay less taxes, but at the same time make a good profit. Thus, the translator has to process just a huge amount of information, besides, there is always a human factor. Each of us gets tired, so the client can not always count on a quick result.

The cost of the service also affects the speed of translation, as we already know for an additional fee, the finished work can be picked up much faster.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that the quality and speed of translation is influenced not only by the skills of the employee, but also by other equally important factors.