Popular Masterchef Controversies & their impact on the cooking world

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Controversies are meant to interest and grab the attention of the viewers. Be it in real or reel, people love to get an insight into the life of different rather popular personalities. The concept of reality shows has emerged to be an entertaining get away from the monotonous everyday life. Well, we all need our share of fun and relaxation after a long tiring day. Some find solace in watching movies & web series, some prefer to indulge in leisure activities such as cooking & painting while others enjoy playing games and browsing the Internet. Hotel game have risen as a popular fun activity that involves the thrill of gaming and the tranquillity of cooking. 


Talking about hotel games, people interested in playing such games have an evident curiosity for cooking and the fun associated with it. For them, reality cooking shows like MasterChef are a treat! These shows not only have an interesting format but also give rise to some of the most iconic controversial moments in the history of television. The raw and unfiltered reactions of the participants, judges, and other people make it much more interesting and worth watching. As a result, more and more people have begun developing an interest in food, cuisines, cooking games, etc. Although it’s the entertainment and controversies that attract a majority of the viewers, they stick to it due to the engaging content. 


MasterChef: Moments that stirred controversies  


Masterchef Controversy is one of the most searched things on the Internet in the cooking & entertainment category. This high curiosity is quite justified owing to the bickering quarrels and scandals that have hit the Masterchef show. Drama and spontaneity are the key factors that run a reality show. The show can turn into a major flop in no time if there are no conflicts and drama to keep the audience hooked. 


The Masterchef show was first launched in the year 1990 in the UK and later became one of the most popular cooking competition shows all across the world. This show is aired in 58 territories in different regional versions of the same format. However, what remains constant is the fun, talent, entertainment, and controversies that come from the show. The Masterchef franchise has given some of the biggest scandals and controversies across the globe. Let’s look back on some most-talked moments on the Masterchef show: 


#1 The episode that showed the killing of animals


This happened in the year 2010 in Masterchef Australia when contestants were tasked to pick and kill an animal on national television. The episode turned into a major Masterchef controversy after an Indian contestant named Sheetal Bhagat was hesitant to perform the task owing to her religious beliefs that prohibits the killing of any living creature. Although she did complete the task and ended up in the top 3 of that round, her discomfort was quite evident. Her emotional trial was appreciated by some whereas others chastised her for not sticking to her beliefs.


#2 Judges & Producers accused of sexual harassment 


Well, despite being immoral and unlawful, sexual harassment instances are on a rise. One such harassment claim was made after the 4th season of Masterchef America by a contestant named Marie Porter. The claims highlighted physical, mental, and sexual abuse that pushed her to suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts. Following this, some other contestants also came forward with their experiences of harassment during their association with the show. However, all these claims were refuted by Shine America, the company that produced the show. This controversy raised many eyebrows and received mixed reactions from the viewers. 


#3 Stole a contestant’s idea 


Another popular Masterchef controversy that gathered large attention from the viewers and critics was the 2017 Masterchef Australia season in which a contestant stole one of his co-contestants ideas during an immunity task. Both of them had to prepare a dish using prawns and shrimp. Sara Tiong, a fellow contestant shared her idea of grilling the prawns in an open oven. This was later heard by her competitor Ben Devlin who went on to do the exact thing. Well, this incident agitated the viewers to an extent that they demanded to have Delvin disqualified. Interestingly, the show makers decided to keep numb on the matter and proceed with the season. 


Do these controversies impact the cooking world? 


Yes, they do! In fact, these controversies have not only increased the popularity of cooking and competition shows like Masterchef but also prompted many to actively engage in cooking activities. A majority of the people closely watching these reality shows unknowingly develop an interest in cooking. While some take up cooking as a hobby and passion in real life, others discover varied virtual means to expand their fun quotient. A hotel game or restaurant simulation game is one such popular virtual means to have a relaxing leisure time while enjoying the fun of cooking and competitions at the same time. All in all, we can say that the Masterchef controversies do have a strong impact on the cooking world in general.