Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas For Sisters

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“Raksha Bandhan” or “Rakhi” is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bond by tying the sacred Rakhi on the wrist. Rakhi is full of brotherly love and noble feelings. It means “the bond of protection” and Raksha Bandhan means that the strong must protect the weak from all evil.

On this day, sisters tie a holy thread on brother’s wrist, and in return brother orders a rakhi gift for sister. The specially produced Rakhi Thali is designed for sisters who want to express their love and dedication to their brothers and sisters.

The decorated Rakhi Puja Thali adds an auspicious aura to the usual Raksha Bandhan Puja ceremony. Puja Thali helps a sister perform her brother’s Aarti and pray for his longevity. In addition, the beautifully decorated Thali reflects the sisters’ traditional beliefs and their feelings for their brothers.

Here are some different Rakhi thali decoration ideas, each sister likes to make for her brother.

Traditional Rakhi Thali

According to Hindu mythology, Rakshabandhan is one of the most popular traditional festivals in India, which is why the traditional decoration of thali is the most Suitable for this auspicious day. To do this, you must first paint the Thali with a different color of your choice with a steel plate and a brush.

And then make a Swastika symbol in the middle. After that, the placement of Moli, rice, and Roli should be carried out in an appropriate pattern, and finally, Rakhi and sweets are arranged, which adds to the beauty in the thali.

Dry Fruit Thali

Decorate Rakhi Thalis with cashews, chestnuts, raisins, cocoa, pistachios, almonds, betel nuts, and other nuts. Many different dry fruit circles can be made one after another, which makes it look colorful. Or you can prepare a complete base of mixed dried fruits.

Buy Rakhi Puja Thali Online

Rakhi Puja Thali is becoming a popular gift choice for brothers and sisters on the occasion of Rakhi. Today, people can browse various Puja Thalis on various Rakhi shopping sites. Puja Thalis online purchase is the first choice because it can be purchased with a single click from the comfort of your home. In addition, online shopping make rakhi shopping easy and provides the ability to ship gifts anywhere in the world.

Thali Collage

Thali college is an innovative concept, very different from any rakhi in Pooja thali. You can make a collage thali by placing different paper cuts on the thali and decorating it with different types of colored ribbons and beads. For this, you can use printed paper and plain paper, both of which have their own unique appeal.

Chocolate-Themed Thali Decoration

This pooja Thali is mainly suitable for your little brother. Decorate the thali with the chocolate chips of his choice and arrange them in suitable patterns, such as circles and rectangles, with all the puja elements and Rakhi in the center.

Rakhi Designer Thali

Take Thali which contains certain designs (such as flowers or leaves) as an example. There is no need to decorate it anymore. You can place sweets and beautiful Rakhi pearls.

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