Parking rules for bicycles and scooters will be streamlined for Krasnodar residents

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Krasnodar plans to streamline the rules for parking bicycles and scooters, said the head of the city Yevgeny Pervyshov. According to the mayor, the city was built without taking into account the means of individual mobility. But in the modern world, this issue has become relevant.

“There are certain difficulties in creating dedicated lanes for bicycles and scooters. We are now actively engaged in the creation of dedicated lanes for public transport. But at the same time, when overhauling existing roads in the city, we try to take this segment into account, too, ”said Pervyshov.

We will remind, as previously reported by “MK in the Kuban”, Director of the Department of Transport and Road Facilities Vladimir Arkhipov commented on the situation with road congestion in Krasnodar. In his opinion, “this cannot go on for so long.”