Parent’s Saturday – April 10: how the dead are commemorated on this day

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Orthodox believers have several parental Saturdays a year when they pray for relatives who have left this world. One of these days fell on today, April 10th.

On Parental Saturday, which is also called the Universal Saturday, parents and other dead people are commemorated. Believers go to church on this day to pray for the souls of departed people and light a candle.

Today you can invite guests and set the table for them to honor the memory of deceased relatives. Before a meal, you need to read a prayer for the repose of souls once. Guests are fed with pies, pancakes, kutya and jelly. A lit church candle is placed on the table in a jar of grain. It is impossible to abuse alcoholic beverages, since Parental Saturday takes place during the period of Great Lent.

You need to start eating with kutya, which is made from rice or wheat. You cannot salt it, but it is not forbidden to add honey or raisins. Also today it is customary to help those who need it and ask for help.

Today they definitely go to church to commemorate the dead. Those who cannot attend memorial services can pray at home. You need to light a candle and say:

“Rest, O Lord, the souls of the departed Thy servant: my parents, relatives, benefactors (their names), and all Orthodox Christians, and forgive them all sins, voluntary and involuntary, and grant them the Kingdom of Heaven.”

One should pray before a meal, which should consist of meatless dishes. You can also read Psalm 90 with the prayer “Our Father”.

We remind about the main prohibition that is in effect on Parental Saturday. If a person violates it, he will attract the biggest trouble. Unfortunately, some violate it and then get unhappy because of it.