Top 8 Pakistani Fabrics You Need to Know Before Selecting

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If you live in Pakistan, you need to know various types of Pakistani fabrics for yourself. Almost all the recognized brands of Pakistan promote these fabrics, and you can get your favorite fabrics from the latest collections of the brand. Here in this blog, we will share the Pakistani fabrics you should know before selecting your outfit. Have a look, and do share your thoughts with us.


We all wait for lawn collection, either printed or embroidery. You must have seen how lawn collection volumes sold out within a few hours. A lawn is the finest form of cotton, and it is light on the skin, which is very comfortable in the scorching summer heat. In the summer, everyone wants to wear breathable and lightweight dresses. The lawn is the best thing to wear in the summers.

Karandi Lawn

Karandi lawn fabric is much more durable than a lawn. Although its texture is a little rough and thicker, the best part of the karandi lawn is that it doesn’t shrink and is ideal for wearing in summers. Karandi lawn is summer-friendly and breathable. Embroidered karandi collection is available at almost all top-notch brands. You can have it for whatever the event is. Summers are all about the excitement to treat yourself with amazing prints and designs.

Cotton Silk

Cotton silk is the combination of cotton and silk, and this fabric is famous all across the globe for tunics and silk gowns. Although silk is popular, cotton silk is much more popular than silk itself. This fabric is durable and gives a rich appearance to you with fabulous designs in all colors. Cotton silk fabric can be worn in all weather, but if we talk about Pakistan, it is suitable for winters because scorching heat won’t make it comfortable. It is thicker than a lawn and has a swiss texture. Cotton silk gowns look good by following the right makeup rules and trust me; you would look good on any wedding or party occasion. 


You will get fabulous linen prints in Pakistan, and it gives you a better chance for draping than cotton. Linen is considered worse than viscose. You can wear it in the autumn/ fall season. People who wear clothes wrinkle-free should avoid the linen fabric because it requires ironing and gets wrinkled quickly.


It comes in different styles with easy to wash and resistant crease quality. Polyester is not warm as natural fibers, which may make you sweaty in hot weather. The right kind of polyester gives nice trousers and skirts as well as blouses for saree. 


Crepe is a type of weaves such as wool or polyester. Crepe fabric is made up of highly twisted yarn which gives the best result in the pebbled surface. This fabric comes in various types of thickness and is suitable for drapey dresses, blouses, and skirts. 


This type of fabric is woven onto the fabric. It is textured, has varying drapes ability, and has long-lasting durability depending on the fiber used. You all would find out more than one color thread in jacquard cloth. It is stretchy and strong where we all know rich fabric always gives a luxurious appearance. The texture of the jacquard fabric is heavier than a cotton lawn. Although several brands offer jacquard variety for summers or winters, both.


This versatile fabric is amazing for evening gowns and you might have heard about chiffon fabric and chiffon salwar kameez. We all know chiffon is a lightweight fabric with magical luster and a sheer appearance. It’s a rich fabric for formal wear, and people who have a low flowy texture should try this out.

These are the fabrics that should be known to everyone. Make sure whatever fabric is chosen should be comfortable for you. Whatever you prefer must have striking contrast combinations and look perfect. We hope it would be useful to read so you can get to know about the details of fabric before buying.