Outstanding Features of a Built-in Wardrobe

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Storage space is a priority of every homeowner, especially in the bedroom. A person can accumulate various items, including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other things that require proper storage. Of course, you can always buy freestanding cabinets. However, it is hard to find bedroom closets with a space for everything.

Even if you put them close together, freestanding closets will have gaps. You can only position them as close to the walls as possible, leaving a space where dust and cobwebs can collect.

Features of a built-in wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is an excellent option if you have plenty of things to store. It is an integrated, custom-designed closet for the available space in your bedroom. It is an ideal solution to maximise the open space in your room to solve your storage problem. Also, a built-in wardrobe has several outstanding features.


Before you decide, here are the features of a customised wardrobe.


  • All the storage space you need. Built-in wardrobes can be tailored to use the bedroom’s full height, giving you all the storage space you need. Built in wardrobes Manchester companies, for example, can turn even tight and odd-shaped corners into a beautiful space for your belongings.
  • Custom-built wardrobes are permanent. Thus, you should choose it only if you plan to stay in your home for a long time. It is not a viable option if you are renting because you cannot move the built-in wardrobe for which you put in as an investment into a new house.
  • It is an investment. A built-in wardrobe costs more than freestanding cabinets. However, it will serve you well for several years as an investment. Manufacturers use high-quality materials for the wardrobe. The wardrobe is handmade—another reason why it costs more. It fits your bedroom interior. Plus, it will provide all the storage space you require, so you do not need to buy additional bedroom closets.
  • Fits your budget. While the price of a built-in wardrobe is higher, you will find several companies offering fitted wardrobes to suit your budget.
  • You can decide the look of the built-in wardrobe. The contractor can offer you various designs, but you can choose the final look. Select the number of shelves, drawers, hanging racks, lighting, exterior finish, and other aesthetic treatments.
  • Doors are vital. An advantage of having a custom wardrobe is the variety of choices for its doors. If you have enough space, you can opt for swing doors. You might consider bi-fold or sliding doors if the room has limited space to move around. For humid areas, you might consider having louvred doors. Instead of buying a full-length mirror, installing the mirrors on the wardrobe doors is better. The mirrors will reflect the light, making your room look bigger and brighter.

These are some of the top features of a built-in wardrobe. When you hire a professional wardrobe contractor, discuss everything you want for your custom wardrobe, including paint colour and exterior embellishments.