Opening stores and meeting friends: easing restrictions in Germany

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Despite the risk of the spread of mutated strains of coronavirus, the federal state of Hesse is planning further steps to ease restrictive measures. Hesse Prime Minister Volker Bouffier announced the development of a four-phase plan to exit the quarantine.

Among other things, this applies to the limit for private contacts and meetings, as well as store openings. At what incidence rates, which stage will be introduced, as well as the details of the plan, the head of government plans to present this Thursday.

Opening the curtain, Bouffier described what the first step to opening stores might look like. Customers will be given the opportunity to sign up to make purchases at the store, where a “personal seller” will wait for them. In this case, all necessary safety and hygiene rules must be observed. In addition, members of the two families will soon be able to meet in full in Hesse again.

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