Online sports quiz: How well do you know baseball?

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When it comes to sports trivia, some of the most common online sports quizzes relate to Major League Baseball. Specifically, the Trivia Contest has a way of asking questions about MLB logo trivia. Logos that are recognizable as Major League Baseball are not found in most sports. It has stayed the same for many years and people have come to associate it with summer and American entertainment. So what are some of the questions you like to ask the quiz about game logos?


Who are the players?


This is part of the MLB logo trivia that stumbles most people. Many people give it different names, but some of the popular names are Rod Carew and Harmon Kiribru. But according to Major League Baseball, this is not true. This is an interesting discussion, as it is knowledge that seems to have been passed down over the years. It became a fact because people were never corrected about it. According to the Major League Baseball website, the game logo is not designed for a particular player. Instead, he is supposed to represent every major league player. Your friends may try to say he’s Harmon Killebrew from the Hall of Fame, but they’ll be wrong.


When was the logo used?


The current logo was used in 1970, but that’s not the answer you might hear on MLB Logo Trivia. A similar logo was designed in 1969, but it was only used for one year. Baseball fans also take a considerable amount of time to learn the difference between the two logos. The first was roughly the same as the logo in use today, with one important difference. There was no “Major League Baseball” text below the player. Except for that slight difference, the logo designed in 1969 and the logo designed in 1970 (which is still used today) are exactly the same in color and all.


What was the logo before the current logo?


If you don’t count the original current logo design, you’ll have to go back to 1960 and find the old Major League Baseball logo. This is MLB logo trivia that many will find hard to remember, but for good reason. The old logo was scrapped only nine years later because people didn’t like its appearance. It was a baseball with blue and red wings on either side. One of the things that this logo shared with the current logo was the color scheme. Still, the logo above complained that baseball fans didn’t have the professional look they wanted in their league. For this and other reasons, baseball was out of commission very quickly because it chose to adopt the much more attractive and professional logo seen today.