Noyabrsk drivers asked road workers to wash traffic lights

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Car owners of Noyabrsk complained in social networks about dirty lenses of traffic lights. According to the drivers, due to the dust, sometimes it is not visible which signal the traffic light is showing. A post about this was published on April 21 in the Noyabrsk Incidents group on VKontakte.

The author of the post was also supported by other residents of Noyabrsk.

The city administration reacted to the message.

“This type of traffic light maintenance is seasonal (in winter water and many liquids freeze) and is performed once a month in summer. At positive temperatures, the lenses of traffic light objects will be washed, ”the Noyabrsk mayor’s office promised.

We will remind, late yesterday evening in Noyabrsk there was a serious accident with the participation of a foreign car, fortunately, no one was injured.