North Carolina Lt. Gov. Robinson slams anti-cop activists in Elizabeth City: ‘Pump your brakes and slow down’

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North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, the first person of color to serve in that capacity, ripped anti-police activists in Elizabeth City in the aftermath of a police-involved shooting of a Black suspect. Robinson told “The Ingraham Angle” that he would leave the investigation to Pasquotank County officials, and that he does not believe law enforcement is maliciously hiding evidence regarding the incident, nor should anyone believe policemen are “systemically racist.”

LT. GOV. MARK ROBINSON, R-N.C.: What I would say to those activists is, Pump your brakes and slow down. Let the justice system take its course. Let’s take a look at this and find out what’s happened. 

What they should be focused on is the 7-year-old who was murdered in Hickory right here in North Carolina. What they should be focused on is the 7-year-old who was murdered in Chicago last week. We are seeing murders take place across this nation at an alarming pace. These activists and politicians at the highest level are turning a blind eye.

We certainly want to keep police brutality at bay. But the way you do that is by partnering with the police to remove those bad actors from their ranks. You don’t do it by degenerating the whole bunch of officers and degenerating policing all together. If we continue to do this, I can guarantee you we will reach a day when we are going to it sorely miss the friendly police officer, his badge, nightstick and his gun and wish we had those days back.


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