New contender for Senate seat from Pennsylvania

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The dramatic elections of 2020 have just ended, and intensive preparations have already begun for the upcoming battles in the 2022 elections. John Fetterman, former Mayor of Braddock and now Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, announced that he intends to run for the Senate from his state.

“I will run in the upcoming Senate elections to fight for all Pennsylvania residents,” said the 51-year-old Democrat, Harvard graduate and, according to some of his fans, “the face of the Rusty Belt.” states of the industrial Midwest, including Pennsylvania). In 2016, Fetterman unsuccessfully tried to win the Senate elections against his Republican rival, current Senator Pat Toomey, who recently announced that he would not seek re-election. But Fetterman will still have to beat several rivals in the Democratic primaries, including Congressman Conor Lamb and Philadelphia Mayor James Kenny.

Ideas that Fetterman pledges to promote include universal health coverage, strengthening trade unions, supporting members of the gay community (LGBTQ), fighting racial injustice, and legalizing marijuana. He is also a supporter of raising the minimum hourly rate to $ 15. “If you mind a hike in the hourly rate, try working and living for yourself at $ 7.25 an hour,” says Fetterman.

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