MMS Text Service: Visual Storytelling in Your Hands

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By Marilyn Royce

Business owners are always looking for efficient ways to connect with their customers. If you own a business, you probably use email to share marketing messages. Or perhaps you also use SMS (short message service) to share marketing-related plain text messages. It might interest you to learn there’s an SMS alternative that provides more creativity in creating marketing messages.

What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. It’s more commonly referred to as MMS texting, which allows you to text content such as images, videos, audio, and GIFs. That means you can text multimedia content to customers via their cell phones.

For marketing purposes, MMS offers some advantages over the more widely-known SMS. For instance, SMS only allows plain text. That’s fine when you want to send simple text-based messages. However, the ability to add multimedia content, as offered by MMS, provides a visual experience for your audience.

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is a big help when it comes to marketing. That is why marketing tools such as television commercials, print advertisements, online videos, and infographics work well for marketing. Plain text can work for marketing, but it’s not necessarily always the best choice.

If you’re marketing a shirt to your target audience, you’ll get better results if people can see the shirt. For example, say you send a plain text telling customers about your latest shirt design. Customers might care enough to visit your website to get more information. But sending an MMS text that includes an image of the shirt will likely incite more interest.

Visuals encourage customers or clients to interact with your business. This helps build brand loyalty and can drive sales. With MMS texting, you can use visuals to tell a story via text messages.

Visual storytelling via MMS is much like telling any story using visuals. You can tell the story from the point of view of just about anyone, such as a customer or a client. You’ll use a series of images to tell a specific story. The images should get an emotional response from the viewers and motivate them to perform a call of action that you specify.

Overall, the purpose of visual storytelling is to get customer attention. And with MMS, you can tell a story fast and effectively.

Other MMS Uses

MMS also allows you to do things such as create polls and contests that encourage customer participation with your company. For example, a t-shirt company can ask customers which of the company’s t-shirts is their favorite design. The goal here isn’t to sell anything. Instead, the goal is to get customers to build a relationship with the company.

How to Get MMS for Your Business

Before you can start using MMS, you need MMS texting provider for your business. The first step is to decide how you want to use MMS for your business purposes. Once you have that figured out, you’ll have an easier time finding an MMS texting service that meets your needs.

You’ll also want to see if the MMS service provider is compatible with the most common mobile carriers. Popular mobile carriers include T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. However, some customers might use other carriers, such as Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, or other lesser-known carriers.

Integrating and implementing MMS into your business will take a bit of work. You should integrate MMS into your existing setup based on your needs and existing tools. You’ll also need to know how to use it with your existing marketing tools. However, your MMS provider will likely have information to help with this step.

Testing and Tracking

Before sending MMS messages, test to make sure everything works. Also, monitor campaign performance to see what works and what doesn’t.

Most importantly, put a limit on how many messages you send. There’s a fine line between marketing and spamming. Also, make sure that your text messages are relevant.

MMS Powerful Marketing Tool

MMS texting is worth considering if you want to add a new marketing tool to your existing tools. It’s possibly a great way to improve upon your current marketing efforts.