MK Tambov advises: it is better to grow seedlings of vegetables and flowers ourselves

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Nina Popova, a resident of the working village of Muchkapskiy, shared her secrets of growing seedlings at home about the advantages of self-grown vegetables and flowers, as well as her secrets of growing seedlings at home. She has been growing her seedlings for 20 years.

– I believe that it is better to grow seedlings by yourself, if there is an opportunity. First of all, I know exactly the grade. Secondly, from the window you immediately plant it in the garden, the plants do not break, do not wither, and are more resilient. Third, these are your seeds for the future. It is cheaper and they are better in germination, – explained Nina Popova.

For her plot, she chooses seeds that are most suitable for the soil, with good fruit taste.

– I collect them from my harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, watermelons, peppers, carrots, dill and other crops. I buy some. I grow seedlings of tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, eggplants, petunia and aster flowers, – said Nina Popova.

She sows the seeds in plastic trays on toilet paper, then moistens them and sprinkles them with soil by 1 cm. She puts them on the window, sometimes covers them with cellophane. Before planting, the seeds are poured over with hot water.

– I plant seedlings at the end of March, since I transplant them into open ground after May 9 under temporary shelters, I do not have a greenhouse. In 2 months she will be ready for landing, – explained a resident of Muchkap.

He takes the land for seedlings from the garden, sometimes adds purchased soil. He uses fertilizers in moderation, prefers high-quality and organic fertilizers. For watering, she occasionally uses a weak solution of potassium permanganate – this, in her opinion, makes the seedlings stronger. The soil is poured gradually, up to the first leaves. If a lot of seeds sprout, then it will definitely dive. The less frequent the planting, the stronger the seedlings.

– I like to plant in plastic trays. Collect after shopping at the grocery store. I feel sorry for the plastic windows, so as not to breed dirt and mold. I don’t make holes in trays. I just don’t overdo it. Sometimes I just spray it with a spray bottle. It is even possible with potassium permanganate, only when there is no sun, so that there are no burns, – said Nina Popova.

Seedling care takes little time for her, since the garden is still under snow. And according to the woman, watching how and what grows is a pleasure. In addition, if something does not come up, you can plant it again. I even grew cucumbers on the window, and got a tasty harvest. But this process is long and complicated.

– Celery planted on the window on the green. It grows for a long time, but then you can plant seedlings on a garden bed. You can also grow basil seedlings. It turns out very early greens and your seeds can be collected, – she said.

On a thaw and fine days, Nina Popova conducts hardening procedures for her seedlings – she puts containers with plants on the veranda. The harvest on her garden plot is always rich and environmentally friendly.

It is better to plant seedlings according to the lunar sowing calendar.