When And Where To Use Microlearning In Your Training Program

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We all know, Microlearning is a short and focused learning nugget that delivers a specific learning outcome.

Microlearning is a strong instructional strategy but it’s not always the best solution that will definitely suit your online training.

In this article, we will learn some of the favorable situations in which we should use microlearning and what makes it an ideal option for online training.

Microlearning In Your Training Program

We always come across microlearning training as a way of delivering rich media formats on multiple devices like- smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Although there is no doubt that it is a learner-centric approach that provides just-in-time training to the learners. But, it can be also used to offer formal training of the learners while focusing on the performance gain of the learners instead of finding a wider usage in informal training.

All these aspects ensure that microlearning training can be easily accessed, quickly completed, and applied by the learners. Let’s take a look at when and where you can use microlearning concepts in online training.


Use Of Microlearning In Your Online Training?


Use For Introduction And Reinforcement

Microlearning can be used as an introduction to your courses. It delivers a significant amount of information in very short durations prior to the main learning event by creating a scenario and leaving it unresolved for the moment. But this can be complex if used in the learning of complex processes, long projects, and actionable courses. Thus, microlearning can be used as short introductions or explaining simpler topics that define a clear objective.

To Deliver The Right Information

Microlearning is short-duration nuggets that can be easily tailored to deliver the right information. Today, there is plenty of false information available on the web and delivers the wrong information to the learners. Microlearning with shorter duration courses can be easily tailored instantly to resolve the false information. Microlearning nuggets can easily control information and ensure the delivery of the right information among the learners.

For Specific And Instant Training

Microlearning training approaches provide the specific information to the learners instantly. With microlearning, learners don’t have to go through the whole course to access specific information as it delivers a certain amount of information to the learners instantly. Thus, microlearning can be the right solution for your online training when your learner needs immediate and specific information.

On-The-Go Training Of The Learners

Today, most learners have access to smartphones or tablets, so it’s better to provide instant access to them anytime and anywhere. Learning in small, manageable sizes works well when it can be instant when learners seek to find a solution. In this case, microlearning can be a great choice in the training of remote learners for quick and easy support.


Microlearning is a great strategy to incorporate into your online training program. It delivers the right information and provides instant learning to the learners. If you want to incorporate a microlearning training strategy in your training without any hassle then choose WPLMS LMS (Learning Management System) – a platform that enhances your training and incorporates microlearning strategy with various interactivity.