Marine Corps reservist warns that Biden Pentagon’s ‘woke’ rules and priorities endangering US security

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Marine Corps Reservist Aaron Reitz warned Friday that the increasingly woke dictates coming from the Biden Defense Department are a sign the Pentagon leadership has its priorities backward.

Reitz, as “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host Tucker Carlson noted, wrote a piece for Newsweek speaking out against the leftist ideology creeping up the ranks of the military’s leadership.

“[T]raining warns members of the military to be on the lookout for anyone with ‘anti-government,’ ‘anti-authority,’ or ‘abortion-related ideology,'” Carlson read.

“Let me be clear that our military is chock full of real patriots and real heroes,” Reitz told the host. “But the military leadership class and anyone who aspires to be a part of it appears to be given over wholly to this weak, un-American woke progressivism, and this extremism training that the military — and frankly, all 1.4 million members of the Department of Defense — are currently being subjected to is just the latest instance of that agenda.”

Reitz noted Carlson has previously pointed out that while China engages in “masculinity training”, the Biden Pentagon is working to accommodate pregnant women and install diversity officers in the various departments.

“So what you have right now is President Biden, his top generals, looking at an ascendant Russia and China, a lack of stability in the Middle East, a crisis on the border, a nuclear North Korea and they are thinking, ‘You know what we need more of? We need extremism training,'” Reitz said. “It’s absolutely absurd.”

Reitz added that part of the problem is people in the higher ranks who seek to ascend further during Biden’s term see the ideology coming from the top and may be working to accommodate it in order to get “the next star.”

However, Reitz said, since publishing the Newsweek column, he has received a lot of private support from his fellow servicemen and women.


“The way that the military is treating this extremism training, it gives these sort of H.R. departments within the military tremendous leeway to decide what does or does not constitute extremism,” he said.

“So extremism training is literally and I’m quoting from documents, ‘to eradicate, eliminate, and conquer all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia’ and so forth. What does that stuff mean? Who knows?”

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