Management of studies by NEET and JEE aspirants in the pandemic

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The Indian Educational system comprises several competitive examinations Which are conducted to help Sort the students into undertaking engineering and medical positions. There are also examinations conducted for several competitive government posts to help the students and aspirants undertake prestigious positions in the government. Each of these examinations have their own rules and regulations, along with eligibility criteria that needs to be  properly studied and followed by the aspirants. However, while most examinations have a bar of having at least a graduate degree, the NEET and JEE examinations are conducted right after the 12th boards of the students across the country. It should be noted that sitting for this examination requires adequate preparation and groundwork of preparedness so that the students can succeed in being selected to prestigious universities to undergo their engineering and medical degrees.

Current case of exam preparation by the students

The sudden start of the covid-19 pandemic brought about a change in the lives of the students as the daily routine of preparing for the Board examinations as well as the NEET and JEE  examinations came to a standstill. The imposition of lockdown across every state in the country needs it to be imperative that students stay at home and keep themselves secure from the virus.The sudden closure of coaching Institutions who play a significant role in preparing the students for this examination brought about a significant amount of stress in the students life. This also caused the preparation to come to a standstill for the first few months after the lockdown was implemented. there was an important need for an alternative to be found so that the students could continue the preparation and not have the year wasted. It was at this juncture that the concept of online education became popular. Through the Use of this medium it was found to be possible to continue the preparation of these Students and work towards taking their regular assessments and continue their learning.

Role of teachers in managing JEE and NEET preparation

In the pandemic situation, the  mental state of the students were severely affected by the sudden stoppage of schools and coaching classes. The students felt disillusioned with the current span of reasons and found it impossible to concentrate on their studies. Moreover, the stoppage of learning in the first few months of 2020 right before the first examination was to be held broke down the confidence of the students severely. Teachers during this time had a very important role to play in helping the students gain back the confidence. Therefore it became immensely necessary for the Teachers to start the learning process of the students through online learning. The teachers would teach online through the use of educational apps and work towards taking regular assessments and examinations to prepare them for these competitive examinations. Teachers at this point need to act as the guide and friend for the students and help them give that confidence so that they can efficiently give the examinations and pass with flying colors.

It should be noted that the preparation for both these examinations is very different and comprises a different set of syllabus. students are required to study a variety of science subjects across the concentrations of Physics and Chemistry, biology and mathematics. Each of the subjects are taught over a period of one to two years, so that the students are better prepared for the examination. The JEE Mains, JEE Advanced are considered to be one of the toughest examinations across the globe. The same is also applicable to the NEET  examinations. Therefore it is important That students have a set and confident mentality When it comes to giving the examination. The following strategies can be undertaken by them efficiently in this examination.

  • The first strategy is to work towards efficient time management so that the students can control the long paper within a set period of three hours.
  • The students are also required to prepare themselves to go along with mathematical solutions without the use of any technical devices such as the calculator.
  • Students are also required to undertake multiple practice exams so that they can be adequately prepared for the finals.