How to Make Your Bedroom Furniture Last

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What is bedroom furniture?

Well, it refers to any furniture that you would choose for your bedroom. It does not necessarily mean beds. It could be couches, dressers, armoires, or even a chest of drawers. Basically, bedroom furniture consists of any item that you would want to put into your bedroom to make it more comfortable and inviting.

types of items in Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture consists of different types of items like bed frames, foot-stands, chest of drawers, armoires, and sofas. Bedroom furniture, otherwise known as a bedroom set usually includes a set of bedroom furniture Dubai as well as some extras like a mirror, lamp, or curtains. Bedrooms may consist of one or two bedrooms depending on the size of the house or maybe even a guest room or recreation room. In houses with large families, bedrooms could include both single and double beds.

Four basic Pieces

In most houses, bedroom furniture usually has four basic pieces that are required to make a complete bedroom set. Bedroom sets come with a headboard, a footboard, a mattress, and an accent table. Each of these four pieces of bedroom furniture has its own specific purpose. One-piece could be used as a footboard or an accent table, while another piece could be used as a mirror or a lamp.

As far as bedroom furniture trends are concerned today, there are many different ones available in the market. You could buy any type of bed or a sofa according to your choice. There are simple designs as well as modern ones. Modern furniture generally includes metal and glass furniture with clean edges.

Traditional bedroom sets

The traditional bedroom sets usually consist of upholstered chairs, a bed frame, and two side tables. As for accent furniture, you could buy bedroom furniture mirrors or lamps. If you want to buy traditional bedroom sets, you could choose from antique beds, platform beds, or daybeds.

If you are looking for furniture for a bedroom with a traditional touch, you can choose beds with wooden frames, plain or carved tops, ornate legs, and doors. Antique dressing tables and nightstands made of teak wood are very much in demand. In addition, there are various types of dressers such as the open face, undermount, corner, tilt-up, and wall-mounted. Some of the popular dressers include an oval, rectangular, picture, and half-moon.

If you have a small room, it is best to buy a corner dresser or a table with a drop leaf. In general, the open-faced, teak-made furniture is preferred in small rooms as it gives a spacious look. On the other hand, wall-mounted, antiques-made dressers are ideal in larger rooms. For children’s bedroom furniture, you can go for dressers without a drop leaf or one that is made of solid wood.

Furniture suite your taste, style, and budget

As mentioned above, the bedroom is a place where we can spend some special moments. Hence, it is important to choose bedroom furniture that suits your taste, style, and budget. As a result, you should keep certain things in your mind as the theme and feel you want to create. For example, if you want to create a traditional, elegant and luxurious ambiance, you should go for French fashion beds, antique furniture, chic platform beds, solid wood dining room furniture, and kids’ beds with swings.

On the other hand, if you want to create an informal, light-filled atmosphere, you can choose contemporary accent tables, contemporary accent beds, chic platform beds, and children’s beds with swings. As a matter of fact, the theme you create in your bedroom will also determine the types of furnishings you need. Thus, it will be better for you to plan out your theme before shopping for bedroom furniture.

Apart from the type of furniture you need, you also need to consider the color, design, and style when choosing bedroom furniture. The most popular materials for making bedroom dressers and nightstands are metals, wood, and glass. Metal dressers are becoming very popular nowadays, especially since they are durable and look sophisticated. Wooden dressers are great for more formal settings. Glass dressers are perfect for modern bedrooms. Furthermore, there are also many kinds of nightstands available in the market, both free-standing and those that need to be mounted on the wall.


In order to complete the Bedroom furniture, you need some accent lighting. Since most nightstands, dressers, and nightstands do not have lights built into them, you may use wall sconces along with floor lamps to provide lighting. The most ideal places to install these accent lighting fixtures are in the corners of the room. You can purchase inexpensive wall sconces at United Furniture Dubai. Alternatively, you may use halogen spotlights in your bedroom.