Maintenance and repair of household equipment

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Repairs are the responsibility of the tenant throughout the rental period. Although required is still the sole duty of the occupant of the house: no penalty is provided by law if the duties regarding the maintenance of the boiler are not respected. On the other hand, if your tenant does not maintain the boiler, the landlord is allowed to subtract the boiler maintenance sum once the tenant leaves. Chimney sweeping is also highly recommended to prevent accidents and fires. Without speaking of obligation, the tenant will also have to maintain the doors and windows of the house.


Maintenance of the different types of boilers

Whether it is gas, diesel, wood, or coal, your boiler must be evaluated after a year, not just to make it shine! Guarantee your safety and the most important goal of maintaining your boiler would be to extend its life. As you may not know, but an invisible and odorless gas, the carbon dioxide that escapes from it can be caused by a boiler posing a hazard. It is therefore not to circumvent the inspection visit! It checks the status of your boiler when the heating engineer arrives. It then cleans it optimizes its own parameters. It assesses energy performance and air pollutant emissions. If your boiler is not waterproof, it measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the ambient air to be sure there is no risk. house Schuco window. At the end of the visit, He provides you with a certification indicating the various points corrected and evaluated, but also advice on how best to get the most out of your own boiler. It is this certification that will be used by the insurance company in the event of a claim.

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How to maintain the chimney of a house?

A home’s fireplace improves the comfort of its occupants, in addition to providing an appearance. However, this equipment should be stored regularly to avoid the risk of poisoning and fire, and for men and women who have a fireplace in their home, it is essential to maintain it properly. Therefore, it is recommended to inspect your chimney. A poorly maintained fireplace could malfunction and wreak havoc. Both insurers and real estate professionals agree that it is safer to hire a professional to keep the chimney clean. And to be certain of the competence of the professional chosen for the maintenance of the chimney, he must have an APC certification or be eligible for Qualibat.

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