Macron commented on the murder of a police officer near Paris

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French President Emmanuel Macron, after the murder of a police officer in the French city of Rambouillet (Yvelines department), said that France would not surrender in the fight against terrorism.

“She was a police officer. Stephanie was killed at her police station in Rambouillet. The nation is on the side of its family, colleagues and police. We will not give up in the fight against Islamist terrorism, ”he wrote in his Twitter-account on Friday, April 23rd.

The attack took place earlier in the day. The man attacked the woman in the building of the police station and stabbed her, as a result of which she died some time later. While trying to arrest the attacker, he was wounded by law enforcement officers and later died.

According to the BFMTV channel, citing its source, the attacker was a citizen of Tunisia. He arrived in France in 2009. It is also clarified that the deceased police officer was 49 years old.

The country’s national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office has already begun an investigation into the attack. Prior to that, the investigation was carried out by the prosecutor’s office Iveline.

Arrived on the scene, French Prime Minister Jean Casteks called the attack a new terrorist attack.

“Once again, the Yvelines department is being seriously tested by terrorist attacks, as we all remember the monstrous attack in Magnanville in 2016 and the recent murder of Samuel Pati,” the TV channel quoted him as saying.

He also reaffirmed the determination of the French government to fight against all forms of terrorism.

The head of the Ile-de-France region Valerie Pécres, in turn, said on the air of the TV channel that the attack was an attempt to destabilize the country. She called the incident a barbaric attack.

The attack in Magnanville, which Kastex spoke about, took place on June 13, 2016. Then the 25-year-old Frenchman Larossi Abala inflicted multiple knife wounds on the policeman, after which he seized the family of the killed policeman. The special forces of the French police killed the criminal during the assault. When inspecting the premises, the body of a woman was found – the wife of a policeman. The child survived. During negotiations with law enforcement officers, the attacker announced his affiliation with the terrorist organization ISIS.

The murder of history teacher Samuel Pati from Conflans-Saint-Honorine College took place on October 16, 2020. The man was beheaded, presumably because the teacher in early October, during one of the lectures on freedom of speech and opinion, showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The attacker was eliminated by law enforcement officers in the neighboring commune of Eranyi.