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In the new society in which some countries and others enrich and complement each other with mutual contributions, English is the medium that makes communication between all possible.

Knowing how to handle this language fluently is an added value for the future of children, who must face the challenges that social life entails.

To acquire a second language, you have to consider teaching and learning in a global and stimulating way, taking into account the 4 basic communication skills that your little ones will learn from a young age with games in English other things.

Communication skills in English

Grammar- Grammar games allow you to develop communication skills and acquire knowledge of the structure of this language. Grammar games and English exercises help to improve expression and to interpret texts at the oral and written level.

Vocabulary- The greater the vocabulary, the greater the child’s ability to speak and convey the information he wants. Thanks to the vocabulary games, you can select words of common use and everyday and nearby situations, referring to your tastes, needs, or motivations. Acquiring a wide and varied vocabulary is essential for good understanding and communication.

Spelling- Knowing how to speak and write does not mean knowing how to write well and speak well. In English, the main difficulty for non-natives is that spelling and phonetics do not agree 100% in all cases. This detail makes students unable to be guided by their spoken knowledge. That is why the  3rd grade spelling bee words games section is necessary to solve the problem.

Reading- Communication is a complex process. If we want to make sense of a text, it is necessary to use all the knowledge learned together. The reading games foster this union favoring the use of knowledge acquired in other charts.

Interesting and fascinating games to learn English

The mobile applications and websites that have appeared in recent years, most of the entertainment websites and applications, have helped make our day-to-day activities more fun. However, there is a group of very revolutionary apps in the world of learning because they not only entertain people they also train them.

There are many areas; however, in this article, we will only talk about those that, after all, are games to learn English for the little ones. There are different games for the different and ages of the children, and in our nursery, we have qualified teachers to offer children playful and educational activities appropriate to their age, always in a bilingual environment in which learning English is one of the main objectives.

These games to learn English are a revolution for children because they not only provide good learning, they also offer a lot of fun and, is there anything better to learn while having fun?

At spellquiz.comthere are lots of perfect English games so that the little one can practice the language when they get home, and that it also does not involve any effort.

These are the games for children in English that can make learning easy so amazing:

Pronunciation games: These are the games to learn English and are specially designed for children. This learning game focuses its activity on the pronunciation of the little ones and also on listening comprehension. These actions are carried out through a set of characters who carry out a lot of adventures in each of the chapters. With Pronunciation games, your children will have a great time and will learn a lot of vocabulary. In addition, it is one of the games that allows parents to check the progress their little one is making on a weekly basis.

Phonics Stories: In these games, your children will learn English through interactive stories. This game is designed for children to improve their confidence in reading the language, to understand the relationship between sounds and letters, and also to learn vocabulary. Thanks to this game and its protagonists, the space spies Sam and Pam, your child can do it.

Spell games: These English learning games are designed for children up to 12 years old. With 3rd grade spelling games, children learn to spell common words in the language and also listen to native voices that help them improve their listening comprehension. Spell games allow you to select the child’s level of difficulty and also gives them clues to overcome the levels. The fact that it can be played with tracks is perfect because the little ones find it much more interesting.

Benefits of learning English while playing

Learning by playing is very beneficial for children:

  • They learn who they are
  • The impact of their actions
  • What things are they capable of doing
  • How to relate to the outside world.

Conclusion: Through games, children develop their physical and emotional potential. And, of course, they establish bonds of affection and union between the members of the family.