Lawyers in Tax: Who and What Are They?

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By Brandon

Tax lawyers are knowledgeable in tax law and have handled cases with the IRS. Most people who have only one income will not need a tax professional. An individual with significant assets, personal or business, may need to hire a tax attorney.

Polston Tax lawyers can help you with everything, from simple state tax disputes all the way to complex federal tax matters. Taxes may seem complicated and confusing. When the time comes to pay them you might find yourself in a bind. You’re not the only one trying to keep up, thousands of taxpayers struggle to pay taxes. A bad idea is to enter debt for non-filing or unpaid taxes. You should consult a tax professional before you get into trouble with the IRS.

  • Not filing taxes is much more costly than not paying them
  • All tax changes might not be permanent.
  • Your entire income will not be subject to tax
  • It is possible for you to pay no taxes, and still be eligible to receive a tax refund
  • Tax refunds do not last beyond three years

These Are the Items Tax Lawyers Know Best to Help You with IRS Issues

Unfortunately, not all of us have the insight or knowledge to avoid difficult tax situations. This is why tax lawyers come in handy. Because your job isn’t to memorize tax code, it is your job to run your own business. It’s important to have a tax lawyer by your side. They’ll do their best for you, making sure that you make the most of your business and pay the least in taxes. These are just a few specialized areas that tax attorneys have.

  • Audit representation
  • Deferred tax returns
  • Compromisions accepted
  • Tax lien relief
  • Wage garnishment removal

A majority of tax lawyers are familiar with the federal tax laws. However, they also have a good understanding of the tax laws in each state. A tax lawyer can help with all your tax problems.

Tax lawyers vs. CPAs

This might lead you to believe that an accountant, or CPA, can perform the same function in tax law as a tax lawyer. First, an accountant and a CPA are different. Accounting degrees are only for those with a bachelor’s degree. CPAs, however, must have work experience and education in order to pass the exam. They can render services such as:

  • Filing complex tax returns
  • Long-term Tax Goals Assistance
  • Doing monthly accounting
  • Financial planning
  • Quarterly taxes

A CPA is a great person to have on your staff. But, there are some situations where tax lawyers will be more able to assist you. They will be able to pass the bar exam in the jurisdiction where they work and have a degree in law. Many will have completed courses or earned degrees from accounting and finance. Tax lawyers are better equipped than others to help you solve tax legal problems.

These Are Just Some of the Ways in Which Tax Lawyers Can Assist Their Clients

  • Conducting research on your case
  • Negotiating a settlement tax
  • Representation at court
  • Helping you meet tax deadlines
  • Simple language allows you to explain complicated tax laws