Kingroot Vs Kingoroot – A Comparison Review

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What are Kingroot vs Kingoroot? This is a question many users that are using rooted Android phones ask. Both Kingroot and Kingoroot offer you a simple way to route your phone. Both have had a large number of followers and are used by many users around the world.

Kingroot vs Kingoroot:

Both Kingroot and Kingoroot offer you a simple way to route your phone. Both have large communities of users who help each other out whenever rooting their own devices. However, Kingroot does have a few more apps that are pre-installed than Kingoroot. These apps can be found on some third party directories on the internet.

What difference does this have for users? Not much really. Both apps will let you use “superuser” permissions to install extra apps on your phone. But what kingroot really stands out in the crowd is that it allows you to install a lot more apps on your device. With kingroot alone you can install apps like Titanium Text, Go Clock, cRORPZ, Greenify, HijackThis, AutoTV, Fastroid, and umail among many others. On the other hand, with the other “rooted” android devices you can only install a handful of these apps.

capable of running these apps:

So why should you use kingoroot versus kingroot? That really depends on what you want your phone to do. The two apps have similar functionality; however, they differ in how accessible they are for certain “rooted” android devices. If your phone is capable of installing those types of apps then you should definitely consider using kingoroot. Unfortunately, not all devices are capable of running these apps so you may have to settle for something less than superuser.

Kingroot does have a few disadvantages though. One is that it’s not yet certified by Google, so it doesn’t have access to all the Google apps. That you’re probably already accustomed to using. This means that if you want to use some of the apps. That aren’t available on the “standard” or rooted Android operating system you may have to find a different app. Another drawback to kingroot is that it’s basically. Just another username for your device – a very bad thing if. You intend to keep your device completely secured. If you use the default android user settings. Then this probably won’t be an issue, but if you’ve been granted root access to your phone. You’ll probably want to change the user setting to something else.

Disadvantage Kingroot vs Kingoroot:

Another problem that comes along with using kingroot is that it’s essentially just a hacking tool. It doesn’t have any ability to modify the device or its files, so it’s at best a temporary stand-in for a rooted user in order to allow you to use certain apps. Since kingroot has a very poor interface (it’s not really clear what the app is for), you might accidentally delete something important. This can be particularly problematic if you’re going to be changing or moving some of your personal settings on your phone.

The final disadvantage to kingroot is that it requires adb & fastboot. Unless you’re a developer then this probably isn’t a big deal, but if you’re anything like me you use your android device for internet, email, and a lot of other things that require adb. If you’re going to use the built in support for rooted devices then you won’t need to use the a and fastboot part of kingroot. I would suggest using Google’s default driver instead.


Overall kingroot is a great program for people Kingroot vs Kingoroot looking to perform a full system scan and unlocking of their device. You should still use a rooted device if you want to perform these steps. But this software does let you do an initial check to see if your PC will work with the new rooting process. If it doesn’t then you can save yourself some time and just revert back to your previous setting.