Top 20 High paying jobs for 13 year olds in 2024

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The majority of 13-year-olds adore having their own spending money. They may begin looking for jobs to see what choices are accessible because that is the case.
Younger kids frequently need to think outside the box to succeed. There are many opportunities available if they’re willing to do that.

The top 20 jobs for 13 year olds are shown below

1. Pet-sitter

pet sitter

Pet sitting is one of the traditional professions for 13-year-olds that involves taking care of someone else’s animals while they are away from home. Typically, it concentrates on feeding and watering, though it can also include wandering and playing. You might even administer medication to a pet in specific circumstances, though this is less typical.

The number of pets and the specifics of your job may affect your pay rate. The average wage is, however, $12.68 per hour.

2. Baby Sitter

The traditional employment for a 13-year-old is babysitting. Almost all states permit babysitting after a person reaches the age of 13, while some may need CPR and first aid training.

Babysitting is easy to do. While the parents are away, you watch over the children to ensure they are safe and well-cared for. Pay ranges between $10 and $20 per hour are fairly normal. The number of children and their ages is two variables that may affect the rate.

3. Creator of YouTube Content

A child can have an account on YouTube and upload videos after 13 years old. Whether the information is intended to be amusing, educational, or anything else, it can become a source of income given enough time and consideration.

Although 13-year-olds can create material, monetizing a channel while under 18 is challenging. For instance, the minimum age to use Adsense is 18. Since this is the case, a parent’s assistance is required if a child YouTuber wants to add advertisements to their channel.

YouTubers’ earnings can vary greatly. Some people receive $2 to $12 for every 1,000 views. That isn’t a given, though.

4. Housekeeping

Gig work is a great alternative for 13-year-olds who struggle to acquire formal employment. If you’re looking for summer jobs for 13-year-olds, house cleaning is a fantastic alternative. Cleaning a house often takes a few hours, and it has a minimal initial cost, especially if the households have their cleaning supplies and tools.

Regarding pay, a rate of about $13.84 per hour is possible. However, 13-year-olds who supply their cleaning supplies and tools might be able to charge extra, particularly if they use certain natural or organic products.

5. Landscaper

A 13-year-old may be able to find some gardening jobs, but they typically can’t work for a landscaping company unless a parent fully owns it. It’s a terrific way to spend time outside and make your neighborhood look its best, whether mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, or planting.

Most of the time, people that provide gardening services bill by the job. To give you an idea, the average is roughly $15.98 per hour.

6. Painter of fences

Fence painting is normally something a 13-year-old can accomplish, similar to the choice above. They might be able to obtain local resources for this project since it doesn’t require much equipment. Additionally, the art is remarkably self-explanatory. You should be fine as long as you have thorough coverage and an equitable result.

Painters typically make between $12.56 and $25.92 per hour overall. It’s probably best to concentrate on the lower end of the range as a 13-year-old until you establish a reputation and develop experience.

7. Streamers of video games

The idea of making a living by playing video games can be very alluring to 13-year-olds. Sites like Twitch enable 13-year-olds to establish their accounts, and once they complete the other conditions, they can even monetize with a parent’s help. This makes broadcasting video games one of the top internet careers for teenagers.

The amount that streamers make varies greatly. Top streamers may make tens of thousands of dollars monthly, but in the beginning, something closer to $0.01 to $1 per viewer per hour is probably a more realistic goal.

8. Cleaning the garage

Many households desire to organize their garages in the spring and summer. Many homeowners, however, lack the time; therefore they would be willing to hire a 13-year-old to complete the task.

In most circumstances, you’ll offer a flat charge for the entire job at this point. You can generally negotiate a cost of about $13.84 per hour, which is excellent for a 13-year-old.

10. Academic Coach

Academic tutoring may be a perfect fit for 13-year-olds who excel in a particular academic field. They can make a good living (about $17.53 per hour) and aid other students in their academic growth.

For 13-year-olds, this is also a viable online career option. It essentially uses the same tools and software everyone else would require for video conversations, making it a good option for teenagers working from home.

Hobby Coach 10.
A 13-year-old is capable of teaching others things in addition to academics. They might be able to make money as a hobby coach if they have a talent for music, are good artist, are skilled athletes, or have something comparable.

You’ll spend your time instructing someone else so that they can raise their skill level under your direction. Typically, the salary is close to $17.53 per hour, which is comparable to that of other types of tutors. However, if you’re selling something in high demand and limited supply, you can earn a little bit more.

11. Yard Sale Assistant

A common choice for 13-year-olds seeking summer employment is yard sale assistance. This typically works well for teenagers in residential areas where they are familiar with their neighbors. If so, they might be able to get paid for their assistance with setup, cleanup, and customer service—the going rate is usually $10 per hour.

12. Youth Camp Advisor

Some camps may hire 13-year-olds as junior counselors, even though many focus on older kids when hiring counselors. This is especially true if the teen has gone before as a camper because they are accustomed to the setting and activities. Clearly, this is a fantastic summer employment opportunity.

Junior camp counselors typically make $13.66 per hour. To make it even more profitable, there can be attractive extras, like free dinners.

13. Model

teenage model

One occupation without age limits is modeling. Businesses require teenagers for commercials for various goods, including clothes, accessories, toys, gadgets, and more.

Now, modeling is a competitive industry, so success isn’t assured. But if it does, an average hourly wage of about $20.40 is average.

15. Tech Support

Even though a 13-year-old is too young to work for a tech support company, they can provide services to their neighbors for a fee. Teens that are adept with technology can help for a fee with Wi-Fi setups, smartphone settings, and a variety of other standard household tech requirements.

This is one of those choices where the rates you charge could change considerably depending on the job and time commitment. However, a wage in the $10–$20 per hour range is probably reasonable in most situations.

15. Elderly help

Having regular company might be beneficial for many elderly people. Some people might also need help with daily chores like cooking and cleaning. In these situations, a 13-year-old might be able to work as an elderly assistant and earn roughly $14.31 per hour while regularly supporting a community member.

16. Artist

If a 13-year-old has artistic talent, they could use it to make money. This is a good option for younger teens since, if the quality is there and the items are interesting, practically anyone may sell arts and crafts.

If a 13-year-old sells on an internet platform, they might need a parent’s help because most of them have age limitations. It’s a route to take into consideration, though.

Earning potential is entirely determined by the commodities themselves. Most of the time, your best option is to find out how much others charge for similar works and use it as a starting point.

17. Mechanic for skateboards or bikes

Offer your services as a mechanic if you’re an energetic 13-year-old who knows a thing or two about maintaining a bike or skateboard. In essence, they may perform upkeep or repairs for neighbors in exchange for payment.

The amount you would bill for this service depends on the required work. If you’re in charge of both the parts and the labor, you might bill $20 for a quick, inexpensive fix or several hundred for a more involved tune-up. Aim a little below what they charge, especially if you’re starting and want to establish a good reputation.

18. Car Washer

car wash
Teenage boy washing a car windscreen on a warm summer’s day

Car washing is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for summer employment for 13-year-olds. Typically, your neighborhood will have opportunities. You make sure someone else’s car is spotless in return for a charge.

You will typically have to supply your cleaning supplies. However, since you often work in their driveway, the vehicle owner usually provides the water.

The amount you charge may vary depending on the size and general condition of the car. In most circumstances, you’ll probably be in the right range if you aim for $20 to $40 per wash.

19. Coordinator

Many people need help staying organized. This opens doors for 13-year-olds with aptitude in that field. If you like classifying things and making sure everything has a home, you may make a service-based business out of it.

Most event planners bill by the project. However, it often costs $18.46 per hour, which is a respectable rate.

20. Voice-over artist

Voiceover actors are also successful at that age, if they have the necessary tools. Typically, the job entails capturing lines supplied by a corporation according to its specifications.

Pay rates may vary depending on the nature of the employment. However, the median wage for a 13-year-old is $23.48 per hour, which is extraordinarily high.

Bringing Everything Together
Young teenagers have started showing interest in generating money to buy their favorite things. In the article, we looked at 20 jobs that suit young teenagers starting from 13 years old. Every job has a different salary package in the range of 10-20$. Among the high-paying jobs were ‘ becoming a model’ and a ‘car washer’, paying up to 40$/hour.