Job and Salary Scope for PMP Professionals

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The PMP certified Project manager will be paid an average 20% higher salary in comparison to a non-certified project manager. Only 58% of businesses fully understand how important it is to manage projects. This leaves plenty of room for you to expand your understanding of managing projects.

It was at 68% This is greater than two-thirds of businesses as per an annual PMI survey reported using contracted or outsourced project managers in the year 2018. That means that companies are looking for reliable project management experts who are part of their teams.

In India, PMP certified professionals make an average of 17. Lakhs annually. This PMP salary could reach as high as 40 lakhs annually. It is believed that the PMP salary numbers alone suffice justification for a PMP certification.

A lot of project managers who are thinking about getting certified will be asking “Can I be hired for a position that requires PMP certification? If yes and what will be the PMP salary be” It’s true that getting the certification is a major cost in terms of time and money and therefore, it’s sensible to determine if it’s worth the cost. Let’s review some numbers and figures to help you comprehend what PMP certification will mean for you.

  • The PMP certified Project manager is paid an average of twenty percent more salary than compared a non-certified project manager.
  • Only 58% of businesses know how important it is to manage projects. This leaves ample room for you and your knowledge in the field of project management.
  • It was the number 68% that’s more than two-thirds of companies, as per the PMI’s annual survey who reported using contract or outsourced project management in the year 2018. That means that businesses are looking for competent specialists in project management that might join teams.

In India, PMP certified professionals make more than 17 Lakhs annually. This PMP salary grows to 40 lakhs a year. These PMP salary numbers alone suffice to justify the need for a PMP certification.

PMP’s Competitive Edge

An increasing number of people are enrolled in certification courses to spark their resumes by providing a significant benefit and demonstrating the proof of their commitment to differentiating themselves from colleagues who are not certified. The presence of certificates on resumes is thought to be an immense advantage for the hiring manager and the candidate.

The PMP  isn’t only the most sought-after Project Management certification it’s also one of the most valuable certificates you can earn across the globe. Many professionals are looking to obtain a PMP  (or PMP  certification, and when you look at the numbers it’s clear the motivation. The main reason for pursuing a PMP certification continues to be the impressive salary.

What other advantages can you get from the PMP  certification do for you? Will it assist you in obtaining the job you’ve always wanted in this competitive marketplace? Here’s how to achieve that salary of the PMP salary you’ve always dreamed of!

Ways that the PMP Certification will help you get an amazing job

  1. PMP helps your resume Make an Impact
    The certification is widely acknowledged due to the obstacles one has to face to become a certified PMP professional. If you can overcome these challenges, it can impress employers since it takes commitment, effort, and perseverance. For those who are brand new to the field, Project Management, a certification could be a major boost to your resume. If you’re an experienced professional with established track records, certification will take your career to the next level! The majority of recruiters employ the certification to narrow their choices of candidates.

    When a journalist is interviewed, the reporter will be interviewed by Software Advice, Kevin Archbold, consulting manager at Key Consulting, said that while applicants are being scrutinized and screened the recruiters will often divide resumes into two piles. The first is comprised of candidates who have a PMP certification stamp, and the other without it. One of the best ways to earn a job in the field is by going through these Project Manager Interview Questions.

    The PMP provides knowledge about A Common Global Language
    In addition to increasing your odds of being employed, PMP training helps you to become fluent in the worldwide common language to communicate in Project Management that registers with the highest-ranking executives and colleagues in the field of Project Management. PMP  training depicts segments of the project that applicants could not communicate prior. Consider, for instance, the objectives of the project, along with the resources required and the assumptions used as well as the risks that are considered and the limits the parties involved operate under.

    PMP  training provides a solid, well-tested, and well-tested framework to help promote efficient communication. If an applicant is able to show the ability to recognize and tackle these issues, then the candidate is more appealing to employers.

    Knowing the PMP standard PMP language can help you communicate with customers and vendors on an equal and fair playing field. The use of the same language cuts down the need to explain, and give examples, and helps make brainstorming sessions more effective shorter, more time-saving, and efficient.
  2. The demand for certified Project Managers
    For as long as humans are around, Project Managers will always be sought-after. A study conducted by enterprise Agile Coach Andrew Kallman on shows the availability of more positions for Project Managers that there are opportunities available for Agile coaches, Agile Project Managers, CSMs PMI-ACPs or CSPs. The graph below illustrates variations.

    A Survey by ComputerWorld research conducted by ComputerWorld has revealed that 40% of IT executives have stated that they are planning to hire Project Management professionals.

    The process of managing projects is ever changing, this is why any organization which has to manage these issues must have regular and well-established methods of managing projects. Additionally, the number of projects being planned will grow exponentially as new sectors and markets are created. Because of these two reasons, the demand for Project Management professionals will be extremely significant for a long time of time. 
  3. Networking Opportunities
    To be a PMP  the candidate has to first be a participant in the PMI (Project Management Institute) and introduces to the world certified Project Managers. In the 2016 PMI Annual Report, there were more than 740,000 PMP  members around the world. The number is increasing every year.

    The PMI organizes regular meetings in major cities during which members gather to stay updated about the Project Management industry and network. The events are also scheduled to help PMP s to obtain the highly valuable Professional Development Units that are crucial to renewing their certification.

    In these networking events, there are a variety of opportunities to develop a career for those who want to collaborate with fellow PMP  professionals. The events are usually planned to enable participants to discuss the opportunities that are available through their respective firms.

    Alongside PMI meetings, there are many other sources that PMP s can attend and engage with both online as well as offline to form communities, as well as look into the job market and review the latest developments in that Project Management area. 
  4. A Little Experiment Can Go A Long Way
    As we mentioned previously, the PMP exam is a very prestigious exam. PMP exam requires aspirants to fulfill a set of prerequisites that are highly appreciated by employers. Candidates must complete thousands of hours at high levels of knowledge. If you have an associate’s or higher level of education and have at least 60 months of experience in the field is required in order to take the exam for the bachelor’s degree and 36 months of working experience is required.

    PMP is a procedure to ensure that potential candidates are honest about their future. With PMP on your profile employers will be aware that you’ve worked extremely dedicated to getting this certification and that you’re an experienced professional with lots of experience at a top-quality job on your resume to demonstrate your skills.