Is it Safe to Visit Barbershops during COVID-19?

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COVID-19 has introduced new risks to all professions. The COVID-19 pandemic has been destroying our lives for more than a year. Since then, a lot has changed, including the fact that many males now have scruffier looks.

Some people may have meticulously watched YouTube tutorials to learn how to cut their hair when barbershops and salons initially closed down.

Others may have chosen to simply give over the scissors to someone they trusted and let them try it out. However, unless someone in your family has worked as a professional hairdresser, the outcomes may not have been optimal.

Those of us with longer hair are undoubtedly wondering when it’s safe to go back to the barbershop. If you’re on the fence about whether now is the right moment, here are three things to think about.

1. Take Your Precautions

Experts agree that wearing a mask—and ensuring that your stylist does as well—is the most critical thing you can do to protect yourself and your hairdresser. Choose a mask that your stylist can simply work around, such as one that has ear elastic instead of ties that go over your hair.

One important precaution to take is to spend as little time as possible in the salon. The longer your appointment lasts, the more people will see you. When possible, take shortcuts. You may arrive with freshly washed hair and forgo the blow dry, limiting your time at the salon to the cut only.

2. Check salon’s policies

As virus droplets can persist longer in enclosed spaces, some salons keep doors and windows open to increase airflow, while others update and improve their ventilation systems.

Some stylists are even going outdoors to offer their services. At each staff member’s scheduled appointment time, only one client must be allowed to enter the salon.

The saloon must have hand sanitizer ready for you to use at the front desk and for more look for expert haircut barber in Adelaide.

3. Arrive alone

Do not bring any members of your family, including children, or any friends, to the salon during this time. At each staff member’s scheduled appointment time, only one client will be allowed to enter the salon.

Improving Health and Safety in a Barbershop

To reduce or eliminate dangers in a barbershop, all personnel must be trained to keep their work areas orderly, clean, and safe. To avoid a fall or slip, any spills should be wiped up immediately.

Employees should also be aware of the different types of chemicals found in the items they use daily. Workers should use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves to keep chemical vapors off their skin and masks to limit their exposure to chemical vapors.

Employees can use floor mats to relieve pain in their backs, legs, and feet from standing in the same posture for several hours at a time.


A trip to the barbershop might be just another appointment on your hectic schedule. Keep your etiquette in check with these barbershop etiquette rules for modern men.