Is AnimeDao Not Working? The Reason behind Its Sudden Shutdown

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By Freya

For anime enthusiasts worldwide, AnimeDao was more than just a website, it was a sanctuary where they could delve into the enchanting world of anime. As many anime users searched AnimeDao and got curious about whether Is ANimeDao not working? However, with a heavy heart, the anime community bid farewell to AnimeDao as the platform announced its official shutdown. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind AnimeDao’s closure, its challenges, and where you can find your favourite anime content after this unfortunate event.

Is AnimeDao not working?

Yes, Its official website says that the Animedao domain has shut down and will no longer be operational.

The reason behind its shutdown

AnimeDao’s shutdown announcement cited technical and security challenges as the primary reasons behind the closure. The platform relied on scraped contents from various sources, but these contents were protected by CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) and other security measures. 

As a result, AnimeDao could no longer provide content without resorting to popup ads, leading to a subpar user experience.

The reason behind its shutdown

Targeted Domain and the Decision Not to Change

AnimeDao revealed that its domain came under targeted attacks, possibly from parties seeking to disrupt its operations. Despite the challenges, the platform decided not to change domains, possibly to maintain consistency for its dedicated user base. The targeted attacks likely added to the platform’s technical difficulties and ultimately contributed to the tough choice to shut down.

The Only Legitimate AnimeDao Domain

As AnimeDao shuts its doors, users must be aware of the only legitimate AnimeDao domain: Several fake domains may surface, claiming to be AnimeDao, but fans should avoid them. was the official and authentic home of the platform, and any other domains are likely fraudulent.

Impact on the Anime Community

AnimeDao’s departure from the anime streaming landscape has profoundly impacted the anime community. For many fans, AnimeDao held sentimental value as a place of solace and joy, fostering connections among like-minded individuals. The loss of such a cherished platform has left a void in the hearts of its loyal users.

Finding Alternatives to AnimeDao

While AnimeDao may be gone, the world of anime streaming still offers a multitude of alternatives. Fans can explore a range of platforms that provide diverse anime libraries, excellent user experiences, and legal streaming options. You can check some popular alternatives to enjoy your anime streaming online.


The answer to whether Is AnimeDao not working has been cleared above, the shutdown of AnimeDao marks the end of an era for the anime community, leaving fans with memories of a beloved platform that enriched their anime-watching experiences. Technical and security challenges, along with targeted domain attacks, compelled AnimeDao to make the difficult decision to close its doors. As fans bid farewell to AnimeDao, they can continue their anime journey on other legitimate platforms, ensuring that the magic of anime lives on their hearts and screens.


Q: What was the official AnimeDao domain? 

A: The only legitimate AnimeDao domain was Any other domains claiming to be AnimeDao are fraudulent.

Q: Can I still access my bookmarks on AnimeDao? 

A: If you have bookmarks on AnimeDao, you can find them on the official domain

Q: Will AnimeDao ever come back? 

A: As of now, AnimeDao has announced its permanent shutdown. While the future is uncertain, fans can explore alternative streaming platforms for their anime content needs.

Q: Are there free alternatives to AnimeDao? 

A: Yes, some streaming platforms offer a selection of anime content for free with ads. However, subscription-based platforms provide an ad-free experience and a more extensive library.

Q: How can I verify a legitimate anime streaming platform? 

A: Look for platforms with proper licensing agreements and positive user reviews. Official partnerships and a strong reputation within the anime community are good indicators of legitimacy.