Is Aesthetics Pro Online the Best EHR for Private Practice?

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If you are a dermatologist who runs a private medical practice, you may find that things become overwhelming. EHR software is a must-have, especially with laws mandating its use in numerous jurisdictions in this day and age. However, with the correct assistance from the right tools, things at your practice can operate much more smoothly.

Are you looking for an EHR software that can help you transform your medical spa business? Then, Aesthetics Pro Online is a prime example for you. This article will explain the top features, pricing, demo, and much more regarding Aesthetics Pro Online for you to analyze if it is worth an investment or not.

Aesthetics Pro Online

Aesthetics Pro Online is a medical spa administration system that provides a customizable and secure platform for medical aesthetic enterprises to organize all patient health information. Aesthetics Pro Online intends to give private medical practitioners a comprehensive medical spa solution by incorporating e-records, e-photos, and reporting capabilities, as well as a calendar, accounting, and marketing suite.

Key Features of Aesthetics Pro Online Software

The Aesthetics Pro Online software is one of the best EHR for private practice. It provides several cost-effective features that can help you boost your performance by streamlining various tasks.

Unified Dashboard

A good dashboard feature can make or break your overall experience with EHR software. A dashboard allows you to effortlessly move around the software and switch between functionalities. For example, Aesthetics Pro Online has an excellent dashboard function that assists you in navigating the software’s numerous capabilities. This provides a fluid user experience, allowing ease of use and a pleasant experience with the EHR software.

Overall, this function is fantastic because it will enable you to conduct all your tasks from a single location. According to users, this feature alone makes Aesthetics Pro Online one of the Best EHR for private practices.

Patient Charting Feature

The patient charting feature of Aesthetics Pro Online makes it simple to chart patient data. This tool allows you to choose the best template for you and your needs. Furthermore, this function makes it easier to insert patient data into your records. According to Aesthetics Pro Online reviews, this tool allows you to save time that you would otherwise spend manually entering patient data, helping you be more successful overall!

Streamlined Appointment Booking

You can schedule as many patients as feasible in a day using Aesthetics Pro Online, allowing you to optimize your daily schedule. This functionality will enable you to enroll more patients and boost your overall revenue. Overall, this feature will let you make the most of your day and be as productive as possible. The platform also sends out reminders to patients, which helps reduce no-shows at your practice and boosts your chances of running a profitable operation.

Digital Patient Records

Aesthetics Pro’s digital record management tool enhances the patient experience while improving the practice and operations. The cloud server is fast, safe, and HIPAA-compliant. You may develop interactive forms from the ground up, using the robust tools at your disposal. The software also includes a ready-to-use form library. You can view this feature during the demo.

Staff Management

One of the main features that make Aesthetics Pro Online one of the best EMR for pain management is the staff managing tool. As a dermatologist, you most likely have a significant number of staff, and managing them all is crucial. You can effortlessly schedule your shifts with this software to satisfy everyone. You can also communicate with them over a secure channel, which will dramatically improve internal communication within your clinic.

Marketing Tool

The marketing feature is another excellent Aesthetics Pro Online software feature that you will love. The program makes it simple to construct email blasts and emailing lists to promote directly. As a dermatologist or aesthetician, you know that there is a lot of competition for treatments, so advertising your services is critical.

In addition, sending patients and potential patients reminders about what you can do encourages them to make appointments with you and boost your success chances. Overall, this feature is beneficial and cost-effective, as included in the Aesthetics Pro Online cost.

Aesthetics Pro Online Cost

The Aesthetics Pro Online cost depends on various factors. However, the company provides three pricing tiers depending upon your needs.

  • The Solo Provider Edition costs $125/month
  • The Enterprise Edition is available for $185/month
  • The Enterprise Plus Edition is $245/month

In addition, the software also provides a free trial.

Aesthetics Pro Online Demo

Aesthetics Pro Online cost includes a free demo that you can avail of. The demo allows you to assess the software in real-time. For instance, during the demo, you can navigate through different software features and evaluate the capabilities in an actual healthcare setting.

Users appreciate how the demo allows them to explore the software more than thoroughly reading about it. It will enable you to dig deeper into the softwares’ features and analyze whether they fulfill your requirements or not.

Aesthetics Pro Online Reviews

Aesthetics Pro Online reviews provide in-depth knowledge regarding the pros and cons of the software from a current users’ perspective. Here’s a quick summary of Aesthetics Pro Online reviews.


  • Aesthetics Pro Online is HIPAA compliant and compatible with rewards programs like Aspire and Brilliant Distinctions.
  • The software offers fantastic customer support.
  • The features are cost-effective and user-friendly.
  • The software is cloud-based and, therefore, accessible while on the go.
  • Training and support are included in the Aesthetics Pro Online cost.


  • Software often has bugs that limit functionality.
  • The customization options are limited.
  • The software lacks telehealth capabilities.

Our Final Thoughts About Aesthetics Pro Online

Aesthetics Pro Online significantly improves the effectiveness of medical spa practitioners and owners while also enhancing their clientele’s customer experience and lives.

Before you purchase the software, we suggest you book a demo and analyze the software for yourself, as the demo will impact your final decision. In addition, make sure to read Aesthetics Pro Online reviews to know what actual users say about the software.