Irish President’s puppy tried to play with the owner during an interview

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The puppy of the President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, touched Internet users, trying to attract the attention of the owner. The video from the interview of the head of state was published on the leader’s official TikTok page.

The footage shows how all the time Higgins gave a speech on the death of Irish actor Tom Hickey, his puppy Bernese Mountain Dog was playing with his arm and the sides of his jacket. A dog named Misnich, which means courage, became a member of the president’s family in March. The Irish leader also has a second dog of this breed named Brod.

“We can say that he is a wonderful person only by the way his dog Misnich adores the president. How lucky our nation is to have such a wonderful leader, ”wrote one commentator.

“I love how President Higgins is relaxed with his puppy and continues his speech,” notes another.

“It feels like any pet left in his care will be very well taken care of,” said a third user.

In October 2017, Berdymukhamedov presented an alabai puppy to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The dog was given the nickname Faithful.