IP Telephony. Telephony over the Internet

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Landline home telephones have already taken root quite well in people and have served us well for many years. But time goes by, and technologies are developing very quickly. Already now there are many alternative ways of communication of higher quality, more convenient and with wider possibilities than conventional landline telephones. All this became possible after the widespread use of the Internet. This made it possible to use the Internet communication channel for telephony, the so-called VoIP telephony.

If it is very important for you to have a good connection with great opportunities, then IP telephony is the best choice. Due to the use of a digital communication channel, the audibility during a conversation is much higher than on an analog network. Installing an ip phone takes several times less time than a regular stationary one, but at the same time you get a number of additional features. Communication costs are reduced, you can make profitable calls within the country and to other countries. You can establish video communication, forward calls to any device, hold video conferences, set barriers for outgoing calls, hold a call and switch to the second line. When using ip telephony, the conversation is not limited between two people, three or more subscribers can participate in the conversation, that is, there is the possibility of a conference call. There are many methods of using Internet telephony. There are also completely free methods of calling over the Internet, when only an Internet connection is needed to make a call, for example, when using services such as Google Talk, ICQ, Skype and some others.


VoIP-GSM gateways Gudwin SL-002D, SL-004D

Gateways Gudwin SL-002D, SL-002D are designed for direct traffic exchange between cellular networks of the GSM standard and IP networks without the use of any additional equipment. Gateways SL-002D, SL-004D are convenient for building integrated,

Digital PRI-GSM gateway CGW-P

Main characteristics
Multichannel system
scaling of the system is carried out by adding GSM cards (from 1 to 15), each card contains 2 GSM modules, thus, CGW-P can be expanded from 2 to 30 GSM channels.

What is a GSM gateway for?

The main task of the GSM gateway is to save your money on telephone calls by combining the mobile telephone network and the landline. But this is not all the capabilities of the GSM gateway – it can also be used as a security system of any type – even fire-fighting, even as an external or internal surveillance device. Moreover, you can connect any external device to it – for example, an air conditioner and turn it on an hour before your arrival, so that the room has an optimal temperature.

Externally, the GSM gateway is a small box, about 15-20 / 10-15 centimeters in length and width and 3-4 cm thick. An antenna, a COM cable, for communication with a PC and a telephone line are connected to the device. The principle of operation of the gateway is quite simple: a GSM gateway is, in fact, a mobile phone with a very powerful signal, which has its own number, and at the same time is connected directly to an office IP PBX or just a telephone line. It is she who checks all outgoing calls, and if they go to one of the numbers on the established list, she lets them through the phone included in the corporate group. Thus, communication is established between two mobile phones, and not between a mobile and a landline. That, of course, reduces the cost of the call by several times.