Interesting Cake-Making Secrets The Bakery Never Wants To Reveals

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By Marilyn Royce

Do you know the secret formula followed by a reputable baking company? Interested to know the secret recipe that is followed behind the delivery of online cakes to your door? Have you ever thought of baking a cake after you have just tried a ready-made cake available to buy online or at the nearest bakery shop? Did you try to bake a mouth-watering cake but didn’t get the same result as them despite following the recipe? If yes, then don’t be discouraged because you haven’t missed anything in the baking process, but the problem lies somewhere else.

You can also make a soft, chewy, and mouth-watering cake by taking into account these secrets or tips that no online cake shop will tell you. Well, apart from mixing the ingredients and putting them in the oven, there are many other small details that result in a super delicious cake.

Ready to know the secret cake recipe followed by the professionals who deliver online cake to your home? Here are some important baking tips that you must know before you ever plan to bake a cake at home. You must be already aware of some of them, but keep all these points in mind while baking.

6 Baking Tips & Tricks Followed By Professional Bakers To Deliver You Delicious Cake 

1] Pop The Air Bubbles

When you pour the batter into the pan, air bubbles start forming because of the leavening agents. If you leave the bubbles just like that, then your cake may have some gaps inside, so after pouring the batter, tap the pan on the surface to eliminate the bubbles formed. When no bubbles are visible, put the pan in the oven and wait for your perfect cake.

2] Choose A Proper Pan Size And Colour

Choosing the right pan is very important because if the pan is not correct, then the result will not be as you expect. If your recipe calls for an 8-inch pan and you have two 4-inch pans, then it is wise to go and get one 8-inch pan from the market. The cake increases by 50% to 100% in volume while baking, so if your pan is small, it will overflow, and if it is big, then it will not be as spongy.   

Similarly, dark-colored or glass pans or baking utensils require a 25% reduced temperature than those silver or aluminum pans.

3] Understand The Right Use Of The Ingredients

Baking might seem an easy task, but in reality, it isn’t because, for baking, there is a lot more than a mix and bake approach. This is the reason why you receive a cake with a tempting appearance and delicious taste when you place an online cake order in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, or anywhere around the world. To give it a heart-winning texture, the experienced baker always takes care of the minute details with the choice of ingredients.

All ingredients that are used in baking give the right flavor, texture, color, and aroma to the cake, so you must know the right usage of the ingredients. For example, if your recipe requires room-temperature butter, then you can’t put in melted butter; instead, take the butter out of the fridge one hour before you start baking.

4] No Overbeating

When you are a beginner at baking, you often tend to make the mistake of overbeating the batter. If you are mixing the batter from scratch, then you don’t need to mix it for a long time as it will affect the texture of the cake. Your cake will be too dense and have tunnels or gluey streaks, so be careful and whip it until you get the correct consistency. 

5] Use A Parchment Paper

To slip out the cake easily from the pan, make sure to use parchment paper. Take two sheets of parchment paper and spread them on the table; now, put the pan you will be using on it and trace the corners. Cut the sheets according to the tracing and put them inside the pan before pouring the cake batter. Now you will not have to struggle while taking out the cake as it will not stick on the pan. 

6] Pour Even Layers 

If you are trying to bake a layered cake, then spread the cake batter evenly. When the batter is heated, the center portion usually rises higher than the corners, so if you want the batter to rise evenly on all sides, then keep the level of the batter higher in the corners. Another thing you can try is a set of cake strips, which is wrapped around the outside of the pan. This strip prevents the cake from crowning in the center and hence gives even leveled cakes.

Apart from these, you must make sure to preheat the oven to the correct temperature, keep all the ingredients at room temperature, check the expiry dates before using the items, mix the right amount, and not open the door of the oven too frequently while baking.

Another useful tip is to always follow the given recipe without making any adjustments as per your own wish.  


Baking a cake is an art, and you can excel in it like a professional bakery shop simply by remembering all these mentioned points. For a couple of times, you might have to look up this article before baking to read these small details, but after a while, you’ll automatically get used to it. However, never be disappointed when it is any celebration around the corner. Just unlock your phone, visit the popular shop online, place the order, and relax to have a delicious bite of cake with no hassle.