InstaNavigation Instagram VS. SmiHub

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By Olivia Jack

While searching for the best anonymous Instagram viewer, I came across two of the best Instagram viewers: InstaNavigation Instagram and SmiHub. These are the most used anonymous story viewers and have almost the same features. But what matters is their performance and their accessibility. And that’s why I tested both of these tools and found InstaNavigation Instagram better. So, I will share my experience using these tools with you, so keep reading till the end.

What is InstaNavigation Instagram?

Instanavigation.con is an anonymous Instagram viewer that lets you stalk Instagram accounts without exposing your identity. You can stalk anyone, including your crush, ex, or workplace colleague. You can watch their stories, posts, and reels whenever you want. And you know the best part? You can download the media in high quality as well. And not just that, you can also check the analytics and insights of any Instagram account you want.

What is SmiHub?

Coming on to SmiHub Instagram, an anonymous Instagram viewer where you can view and stalk any public profile you want. Like Instanavig, SmiHub lets you watch and download any public account’s high-quality stories, posts, and reels. But the catch is what SmiHub claims to show on the name of analytics of an account is only their number of followers and posts. That’s it. I mean, that’s not even half the analytics of an account. 

Performance Level: InstaNavigation Instagram VS. SmiHub

Now that you know about both tools, let’s discuss the performance level of their websites.

  • Quality of InstaNavigation:

When you go to the website of instanavigation.con, you’ll see that it has a well-designed interface and a search bar on the website where you must mention the URL or username of the person you want to stalk. Within less than 30 seconds, all the stories, posts, reels, and story highlights will appear on your screen. You’ll also be able to see deep statistics of that account and download all the media in high quality. I was impressed by how accurate the statistics were on Instanavigator, making it a great choice for a smihub alternative.

Performance level of InstaNavigation Instagram.
  • Quality of insta story viewer SmiHub:

Moving on to the performance level of SmiHub, when you open its website, you’ll see a search bar on top, and you’ll have to mention the username or URL of the Instagram account you want to stalk. Now, the worst part is that most of the time, SmiHub doesn’t work. Either the media of the account will appear within a minute, or it’ll take forever for the website to work and show you the account. And even if you are lucky enough that the website shows you your desired result, still the entire media won’t load. These factors make the performance level of SmiHub very slow and make all the users look for a better alternative to SmiHub.

Performance quality of InstaNavigation Instagram alternative, SmiHub.

Which One is Better: InstaNavigation Instagram Or SmiHub?

Now that I have tested both tools properly, and after considering all the factors, it’s visibly clear that InstaNavigation is better than SmiHub and many other anonymous Instagram viewers. The only con is that neither InstaNavigation Instagram nor SmiHub allows access to private Instagram accounts but other than that, InstaNavigation is a great tool to use. You won’t be at the risk of losing your identity and stalk and download whatever you want easily.


InstaNavigation Instagram and SmiHub are two of the most used anonymous Instagram viewers, and you can easily get access to the stories, highlights, posts, and reels of anyone you want. But when it comes to the question of which one is better, InstaNavigation takes the lead. It is a great alternative to SmiHub. It allows you to access any Instagram account within a minute and lets you analyze each account’s statistics deeply, so it’s a win-win situation.