StoriesIG: An effective tool for Anonymous Instagram Story Viewing

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By Sophia James

There are around 407.9 million people who use social media platforms daily. Instagram is one of the most well-known social media network apps where people can interact and share their photos and videos through a digital platform around the globe. Instagram was bought back by Facebook in 2012; now, it has over a billion accounts registered on this platform. 

However, sometimes you may be interested in viewing a certain person’s Instagram Story anonymously. The easiest way is to create an Instagram account and your profile that exposes you. So what is another way? Fortunately, Stories IG is a platform mainly used for the purpose to watch instagram stories without a person knowing it’s an easy-to-use Instagram story viewer downloader and sharer that you can use for the purpose to check instagram story without being traced. 

How to effectively use StoriesIG without any trace? 

Story anonymously

With the help of this online website, you can watch Instagram stories anonymously from anywhere in the world. This website is ideal for anyone, and it only requires a little bit of time. 

This website is designed to make social media browsing easier and more secure for users. You can use it through the website by simply following the guide. 

How do stories work? 

In general, the Stories on Instagram are visible to the user’s followers and those they follow. This means that when someone views one, their username is visible in the viewers list to everyone else who has access. This can be problematic for some users who want to remain anonymous when viewing other people’s Stories.

However, Is it possible to see Instagram stories without an account or being seen? The quick answer is yes. Although you will have limited access to the Instagram account you want to see. ‘Stories IG’ it’s a stalker Instagram account that you can use for this purpose.

You can access it by going to its website. Of course, you won’t need an account to use this service since it allows you to navigate through the Instagram accounts easily, and, as the name suggests, you will be able to see the Stories (and more) of whoever you want without being discovered.

How to use the stories website? 

  1. Visit the Stories website at
  2. Type in the user name of the person whose file you want to download.
  3. Tap the three dots in the bottom left corner of each Story to download it.

How to use stories application?

To download, click.

  1. Open” StoriesIG” to begin using the Stories application.
  2.  Press the text input box. 
  3. Click “Look” after entering the account username or profile URL you wish to view.
  4.  Click “Stories.”
  5. Hold on a second, and the tale will appear.

      (*A “play icon” will appear if the content is a video.)

Safety of StoriesIG

Is it safe to use StoriesIG? This is one of the multiple often-asked questions. Yes, it is the answer. Because StoriesIG does not request your Instagram account login information, it is secure. Without logging into your Instagram account, you can use the site to read Instagram profiles, posts, and stories anonymously on your laptop.

Additionally, StoriesIG’s Instagram online web viewer tales have a highly trustworthy reputation and are fully secure to use, according to ScamAdviser.

Why is it useful? 

StoriesIG lets you view Instagram stories and your past photos for free without knowing what you’re doing. When browsing for pictures of friends and relatives, you may find labels in your area or other areas of interest, such as urban communities and neighborhoods.

So why should it be your first choice? What are the main features of Dumpor?

In this part, we look at some of its most interesting features.

Free services

The main factor in choosing stories is that it’s free of cost; most applications need money to work, but this only requires that they are authentic and reliable. 

Safety Policy 

Safety is the most significant thing to look for; stories protect your personal information, maintain security vulnerabilities, and prevent attacks. 

Download anything 

You can download nothing pictures, videos, IGTV, profile pictures, highlights or reels. Besides, they have a strict rule for a privacy policy. Your identity will always be anonymous. 

User friendly 

In addition to many other features, it’s a user-friendly website where you can navigate through Instagram stories without making any glitches or distortion. It provides a positive user experience for visitors.  


Audiences are directly drawn to videos and pictures because our brain absorbs and holds visible content more simply. This is why social media is loaded with photos, videos and other open content. Regardless of whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, people now visually connect in actual time through stories instead of conveying their thoughts in writing. Many people use Instagram story viewers to watch and download Instagram pictures, videos and stories. To modify and share the videos, you can use StoriesIG – a competitive yet affordable video editing software!


Q: How can I watch Instagram stories without any trace?

You can watch Instagram stories using an unidentified account or by turning airplane mode on and can see the stories without the person knowing or involving third party involver anonymous stories viewing. 

Q: Is storiesIG safe? 

Yes, StoriesIG is safe to view Instagram stories anonymously. The site uses SSL encryption to protect information and keep your browsing private. 

Q: Can I view Instagram highlights anonymously?

No, you can’t secretly view highlight stories. However, there is a way to see someone’s Instagram Story without getting identified.