Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands In 2024

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This technology-driven century has created an audience the world’s general public can reach. 

The number of Instagram users has also increased in a concise duration. Therefore, companies get an advertising audience of approximately 1 billion at large. According to various research done by several marketing experts, more than 90% of social media users or Instagram users regularly follow some of the other business model pages on Instagram. Many small businesses emerge from the need to survive and have expanded through social media platforms like Instagram. 

People use Instagram by setting up a business account on Instagram, which is a user-friendly method. There are several methods and techniques to increase audience reach using Instagram as a platform. Some of the ways which can be used to improve the audience on Instagram through marketing are as follows:

How to Attract Your Audience Through Marketing

Add Behind the Scenes

Every customer who buys or invests in your business first needs to know how you work and what you are doing behind them, which increases your credibility and audience reach. 

Have you ever tried to put a unique story and got questions about it in your DMs?

You must have, which happens because of general human nature. People tend to get inquisitive when they look at something different. Some platforms, like In Video, can help you make good videos and photos to post. You can use different In video and Instagram editor templates to make your story look attractive and appealing to the audience.  

Keep your interaction with followers

It is essential to keep your interaction as high as possible with the followers of your business account. When you interact with your audience and keep clearing their doubts, the audience builds loyalty toward your products and services. 

You can interact with your audience by answering the question. You can always use the ‘question’ Instagram tool to boost engagement. An audience loves to see something new every day and enquire about the same. You can clear any doubts that they have regarding the services or products that you offer. It gives them a sense of belongingness and makes them feel heard in your brand.

Post Multilingual stuff for the audience

Your audience reach on Instagram can be worldwide, which comes with a language barrier. However, you can customize multilingual posts using In video and make the utmost use of this Instagram video editor to attract your customers.

When the videos and images have explanations in different languages, it will make customers comfortable with the company or the business, making them interested in your products and services. You also have the option on Instagram to track the reach of the number of people in a month or even a day. It helps you measure the deviation between your plans and execution. Additionally, the insights in-app feature is a great source of feedback for you to curate content moving forward. 

Keep your account up-to-date

You can provide a lot to your Instagram audience through the tools or features it has. For example, Reels, videos, story highlights, and Instagram Tv. In addition, you can edit the videos using Instagram video editor and make Instagram Tv a source of increasing your reach on Instagram.

These tools available on the platform are user-friendly and specially designed to help you increase your reach and give the audience a clear picture of your business. 

Connect with your audience

When you comprehend your audience’s needs, you can better portray your products through infographics & posters. Customers will always want to know how your product will help them in their day-to-day life, and then only they buy it. Therefore, when you open up the customers’ opportunities to understand your products and services in detail, you indirectly increase your reach. InVideo, the Instagram video editor, will help you give a professional touch to the profile of your business account and build a good brand value in front of the audience. When you maintain a professional look at your business, your credibility and positive audience reach increase. 

Make every post look attractive 

An audience is essential to your brand because they decide to buy and recommend or choose your product or another company. So along with taking care of your existing customers, you need to lay a base for your audience on Instagram because it is vital to increase your reach to boost the scope of engagement. There are many ideas that you can use to make things look promising and attractive at the same time.

  • Informative posts
  • Videos of Behind the scenes
  • Post Memes 
  • Word-of-mouth advertisement
  • Small quotes for every position and videos
  • Release promos of products and services 

Give your profile a very optimistic look

Your profile reflects the image of your business, and thus, its credibility depends on it. Certain elements make every post, story, or video on Instagram look authentic and promising. For example, you use hashtags appropriately, write excellent and unique captions, put the right profile picture, and post engaging content on the account. As a result, it becomes effortless to engage with these elements.

The hashtags you use increase the appearance of your posts on relevant subject feeds, and unique captions allow the users to be curious to look into your business account for once. 

Use highlights for different products

Using the Instagram video editor, ad maker, promos editor, and poster editor, you can put different story highlights and countdowns for your products and services. For example, when you place a countdown for your product launch, it becomes fascinating for the Instagram audience to wait for the launch. The audience and the existing customer await something new and unique every time, and the countdowns and highlights for different products make them interested in your products.

  • Try to tell a story through your highlights
  • Provide value through your updates
  • Schedule your stories to be consistent 
  • Think unique and fast 


This century belongs to technology-driven concepts, and every business that needs to survive needs to evolve with time and adapt to the rapidly changing technology. The businesses adopting these marketing techniques have shown high growth compared to companies still following traditional methods. The above-mentioned Instagram Marketing tips for a brand will help you establish value in the market and credibility, which can be highly valuable elements of future growth in the market. 

Therefore, whenever your business on Instagram needs marketing tips, these ideas will help you build a network on the platform and make your audience reach even bigger.