Indian Visa for Norwegian Citizens

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Thanks to the Electronic Travel Authorization introduced in India on the 27 of November 2014, travelers intending to visit India do not have to line up at the Indian embassy to get a visa. The Electronic Travel Authorization, more popularly called the Indian eVisa, is now available to 169 countries, and Norwegian travelers are encouraged to opt for this online travel permit.

The Indian electronic visa is a valid document that a Norwegian tourist, business executive, or culture enthusiast can use to enter the country legally. This visa for Norwegians is a perfect solution for tourists seeking to visit the sacred Ganges or the revered religious structures and architectural monuments in India.

They can also experience the diverse cultures and cuisine that the seventh-largest country on the planet has to offer.

Reasons Why Norwegians Should Choose the Indian eVisa

There are clear benefits for Norway passport holders when applying for an India eVisa instead of a regular visa:

  • The application for the Indian electronic visa is made online, which eliminates the cost for Norwegians of traveling to the Indian consulate or embassy and saves time
  • The eVisa is easier to obtain than the consular visa: Indian Visa for Norwegian Citizens will only need 10 to 20 minutes to complete the form
  • Online applications are straightforward and quick
  • Time is available to cross-check and verify data and uploaded documents
  • All Norwegians need is their passport, debit cards, clear scans of the required documents, and an email address. As soon as the application is successful, travelers of Norway intending to visit India can easily print out their valid eVisa and travel as they wish.

How Can Norway Citizens Apply for an Indian eVisa?

An eligible Norwegian citizen can readily apply for the Indian eVisa if they have a reliable internet connection, a debit/credit card, and a valid passport. If the visitor from Norway is unable to complete their online application form, they can save it and return to complete it later.

Regular email checks for any updates or advice to change specifics on the applications are highly advised. Such emails requesting a new upload will come in about 24 hours after the application is submitted.

If the India eVisa is approved, Norwegian travelers will receive the travel permit via email. They will need to print out a copy of the India eVisa and carry it with them when entering the country.

Norway Citizens Traveling to India: Requirements

All Norway citizens intending to travel to India must have a valid visa and passport to enter the country legally, and they are allowed to use the eVisa for India.

The passport should have at least six months’ validity as of the time of application for grant of the eVisa.

Note: Norwegian travelers may not qualify for the Indian electronic visa if they are using diplomatic passports or any other travel documents other than a passport. Individuals that are endorsed by their parents, guardians, or spouses also do not qualify for the electronic visa.

The application also requires that the Norwegian traveler has sufficient funds to cover their travel costs and upkeep for the duration that they will be in India or on transit.

Norwegian citizens need to note that only 28 airports allow entry into the country using the Indian eVisa. If they intend to bring minors along to India, then each of them should apply separately for their valid visas.

Travelers coming to India from Norway are advised to consult with a doctor to know if any vaccine is needed to enter India trouble-free.

Documents Required by Norwegians to Apply for the Indian eVisa

  • recent photograph with the applicant facing forward taken against a white background. The photograph to be uploaded is required to be in JPEG format and size between 10KB and 1MB. The photo should also have equal length and height, and show the Indian Visa for New Zealand Citizens entire face from the top of the hair to the chin, and eyes without any glasses. The photo should also be border-free
  • scan of the passport page with vital personal details such as name, date of birth, nationality, and date of expiry
  • If applying for medical assistance, the applicant must upload a copy of the letter from the Indian medical facility they intend to visit and ensure that the date of admission is clear
  • For the Indian e-business visa, the applicant must upload a scan of the invitation letter from the concerned business parties in India and a business card
  • For the e-conference visa to visit India, a scan of the invitation letter from the conference organizer plus political and event clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs will be required.

The documents uploaded must be in the English language and PDF format. Failure to meet these India visa entry requirements may cause Norwegians’ application to be disqualified.