In the Murmansk region, about a thousand people from all over Russia take part in the festival “Khibiny-Bikini”

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Today the long-awaited festival “Khibiny-Bikini -2021” is taking place in the ski resort of Kirovsk “Bolshoy Vudyavr”. As the organizers of the spectacular action told “MK in Murmansk”, the mood is excellent, everyone is delighted with what is happening, there is such a positive charge that the emotions of many are off scale.

“Participants and spectators shout chants, sing, dance. The atmosphere is excellent, a real holiday, ”Mikhail Fadeev, deputy chairman of the Public Youth Chamber at the Murmansk Regional Duma, shared with us.

He said that the geography of the participants this year covers the whole of Russia. Lovers of skiing and snowboarding in swimsuits came to Khibiny even from the Far East. About one thousand participants registered for the colorful, intriguing descent. There were no less spectators. The grand show is in full swing, ahead of everyone is an exciting disco.

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Photo: Grigory Khodos.