In Buryatia, the evangelist deacon was suspected of corrupting minors

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In Buryatia, the assistant pastor of the evangelical church was suspected of corrupting minors, the man was arrested, REN TV reports on Monday, April 12.

It is noted that the suspect N. Agarkov joined the local community of evangelicals after his imprisonment. According to the TV channel, the man committed the murder. Nevertheless, the former prisoner won the trust of the village pastor, after which he became a deacon.

After a while, law enforcement officers suspected Agarkov of fraud with microloans. During the inspection, it turned out that the deacon had seduced young girls. Obscene photographs of a girl born in 2014 were found on his phone.

At the same time, the exact number of children who could have suffered at the hands of a man is unknown.

This incident led to distrust of local residents to the evangelical church itself, which sheltered the former prisoner and entrusted him with communication with minors.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported that a man was detained in Moscow, suspected of sexually abusing his underage daughter.