How you can get paid with Bfic Network? Explanation of the Bfic Network

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BFIC network is a revolutionary platform in the crypto industry. This network is a part of the huge ecosystem that is designed and powered by a fintech company called Innovation Factory. BFIC network functions as a system in which a large number of users work together to earn legitimate crypto money.

This emergent platform is built on a 3rd generation blockchain, which makes it faster and more secure than other crypto networks.

Now the question is, what did the BFIC network bring to the industry and how can a user get paid with this network? The answer to this question is quite simple. A user can get paid by using the BFIC network in many ways.

Stake Mining

It allows its users to mine Bficoin through staking and that makes it the world’s first-ever blockchain-based stake mining platform for every smartphone user. A person can start mining Bficoin by following three simple steps.

  1. Sign up on XchangeOn and create your profile
  2. Buy Bficoin
  3. Signup on the BFIC network and start staking

Bfic Network has the best user interface ever, even if you have no technical knowledge, you will still be able to get the work done. You just need to open the app and push the start mining button after every 24 hours, and you will be rewarded with 0.15% of the number of coins you put on stake. BFIC growth compound depends upon market conditions and your contribution.

If you invest 1 BFIC



+200 days 2 BFIC
+200 days 4 BFIC
+200 days 8 BFIC
+200 days 16 BFIC
+200 days 32 BFIC
+200 days 64 BFIC
+200 days 128 BFIC
+200 days 256 BFIC
+200 days 512 BFIC

In just 5 years, you will have 512 Bficoins, just by investing 1 Bficoin. Therefore, one will be telling the truth when says “One BFIC can change your life”.


Multiple rewards are generated by the Bfic Network App based on parameters such as team strength mining, capital deposits, and direct rewards. Following are the rewards prospects:

1.   Daily rewards

You can earn daily rewards in the form of 0.15% of the amount of Bficoin you put on stake. The calculation is based on an assumption, that every user has one BFIC and each deposit will remain logged for 60 days. Direct rewards do not apply to top-ups. The account can be topped up at any point in time 5% fee will be applicable on each withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal limit is 1 BFICoin.

2.   Team rewards

Team rewards are calculated in the following ratios. Invite your friends to become the BFIC stakers and bonuses, team rewards will be distributed among 12 level team structure. The reward percentage will be depended on the mining reward amount of each level.

12 income levels with their reward percentage are:

Level 1 = 15%

Level 2 = 10%

Level 3 = 5%

Level 4 = 3%

Level 5 = 2%

Level 6 = 1%

Level 7 = 1%

Level 8 = 1%

Level 9 = 1%

Level 10 = 1%

Level 11 = 2%

Level 12 = 3%

3.   Referral Bonus Rewards

Signup using a referral link will lead up to a referral reward in the form of Bficoin. Sign up using the required credentials, a referral link, or simple signup. Logging in on a regular basis result in more frequent rewards and a bigger BFIC yield.

Transparency & Tracking

You can easily keep track of your staking and reward actions by using a check and balance system. With a single push on the download PDF button, the generated statements can be simply downloaded. You can always find out how much money you’ve put into something. You can get a copy of your capital statements at any time.

On the BFIC network, BFICoins are required for registration and mining. The capital for sign-up and BFIC stake mining is factored into the units that make up one BFICoin. The signup fee, however, generates mining rewards but is neither refundable nor withdrawable from the BFIC.
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