How to Watch the Fate Series A Guide to Navigating the Rocky Waters of Adaptation

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The Fate series isn’t an obscure piece of property. While it was initially launched as an erotic graphic novel in 2003 with the name Fate/stay overnight the intriguing idea of TYPE MOON’s world characters, and plot has inspired numerous sequels and adaptions. Particularly, the mobile version of Fate/Grand Order has seen a renewed interest in the game and has seen the English version regularly dominating the charts of app stores and generating record-breaking revenues.

The Fate series has earned a negative reputation for being difficult to access. The series’ many aspects are frequently discussed in the popular press. What exactly does “stay at night” mean? It’s sometimes difficult to determine where to start and in what order to watch the Fate anime.

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While this guide offers three different ways to look at the Fate anime however, it isn’t claiming to be impartial. It offers three different ways to watch the show based on the quality and quantity of the show. It is a message for both new and veteran Fate fans.

The Problem with the Fate series in Anime

Consuming the Fate series poses a challenge since the first visual novel Fate/stay night isn’t legal in the West.


The fact that nobody has yet signed up for the license given the rapid growth of the series in the last few years, is awe-inspiring. There are other smaller series that are regularly released. We don’t have all the information (lack or the availability of an agent or distributor) But, there are numerous patches that aren’t official in the game’s extremely helpful subreddit.


This is particularly sad since the subsequent adaptations of Fate/stay-night have been not quite as good in any way. In these instances it’s easier to read the original information before you begin to work on adaptations. However, this isn’t the situation with Fate. Instead, we’re forced to navigate the dangerous waters of adaptation.


If you aren’t familiar about the Fate series, here is an easy explanation seven Masters and seven servants battle each other in Fuyuki City to win the Holy Grail, a magical artifact which gives the winner the ability to make any wish. The Servants are mythological as well as real-life characters, so it’s a battle royale that’s perfect for historians.

Sound good? Here’s your chance to be treated to a treat.

Route 1: The Purist

  • Stay up all night/Fate (2006)
  • Stay/fate night: Unlimited blade works (2014) and 2nd season (2015)
  • Fate/stay-Night (Heaven’s Feel) I. prelude Flower (2017) I. lost butterfly (2019) I. spring song (2020)

Fans like myself have to be able to experience the Fate series in this manner. Whyis that? It’s not just chronological, but it also reflects the original story. This is crucial due to the three-dimensional nature of the story.


Fate/stay-night, as with most visual novels, is comprised of three distinct routes’: Unlimited Blade Works on Rin, Fate route, and Heaven’s Feel. The three routes, as with the majority of visual novels, focus on three female characters distinct: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works on Rin and Heaven’s Feel on Sakura.


Studio DEEN’s 2006 version is the only one on the list which attempts to alter to the Fate path. The series doesn’t do this just however, since it also incorporates elements from Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel. This means that it can be a bit confusing. It’s both an inept version of the first Arc, and an excellent method to ruin what happens after, despite its dated graphics.


It’s a shame , because should you decide to jump right into Studio Ufotable’s 2014 and 2015 adaptations of Unlimited Blade Works, then you’ll likely miss the development and exploration of one of the most loved characters. Saber is a character that has become a legend in Fate and has given her the name “Saberface. Saber is a great character and everyone knows that. Unlimited Blade Works is primarily focused on Rin therefore you won’t be able to see Saber’s growth there.


Unlimited Blade Works, in my view, is the most effective series in terms of concepts and execution. It also performs better when it is used in conjunction with the three other routes. The other reason is that all of the Fate/stay-night’s principal routes is a springboard from one another. Fate is the introductory story, while Unlimited Blade Works the backstory. Heaven’s Feel, a complete reverse of that structure, is, therefore, the most risky starting point.


The Fate series doesn’t work as well in the anime world when it lacks an effective Fate path adaptation. This is the reason why the guide was designed with these issues in mind. The next section will explain the reasons why Fate/Zero was positioned in the last section.

Route 2. The New Age

  • Stay/fate night: Unlimited blade works (2014) and 2nd season (2015)
  • Fate/stay-Night (Heaven’s Feel) I. prelude Flower (2017) I. lost butterfly (2019) I. spring song (2020)

The most controversial aspect of the Purist’s method of watching the Fate series is the choice to put Fate/Zero at the final episode and Fate/stay in the middle. It’s now standard to start with Zero and not pay attention to the rest of the show completely. This is beneficial, but it can also cause a lot of problems.


While Fate/stay-night might look and sound old-fashioned, it offers crucial details about Saber’s character that isn’t available in other versions. It has been said.


Zero On the contrary, was praised as one of the most beautiful shows ever when it first came on air. That’s still my opinion. While ufotable’s production methods have been improved, particularly when it comes to 3D, Zero still looks solid. Scenes such as Saber unleashing Excalibur towards the season’s final moments give me goosebumps.

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But, Zero is not the ideal place to begin watching Fate. Why is this? The answer is easy The light novel written by Gen Urobuchi, which the series is based on, was written several years after the first visual novels first came out. This includes the Holy Grail War and the magic system. But, those who have not seen the series before won’t be able to discern the connections between the two stories.


Fate/Zero is an effective tool to fill in the gaps left by the Fate/stay night visual novel. It also provides the reason the reason why the Fourth Holy Grail war was “unfinished” and why Gilgamesh could be in the midst of. The joy of finding answers is only possible when you know that there are questions to be answered. The location of Heaven’s Feel in the final section was described in the previous section.