How To Use Uconnect Projection Management? 7 Ways To Set Up Uconnect

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By Hayley

Everyone is so allured by technology nowadays, but do you know how to use uconnect projection management? Uconnect is an infotainment system with various features and connectivity choices to experience.

It is a system that offers features like Bluetooth connectivity, voice command, media streaming, and integration with smartphone platforms such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

What is a projection manager? Uconnect projection management helps to connect your car to your phone, and you avail new features of it. 

Steps To Use Uconnect Projection Management:

How To Use Uconnect Projection Management

What are the essential features of Uconnect? We can explore the various facets of the Uconnect Projection manager and offer a complete manual on maximizing its potential, empowering you to stay connected, entertained, and on top of things at some stage in your journey.

The process is in which we understand how to operate, connect and avail unique features in a few steps:

Verify Compatibility:

Ensure your car allows you to fix or connect with the system connect projection manager that you have compatibility to operate the system with your Android or IOS.

Connect Your Phone:

Connect your phones with this app or system with a high-quality USB cable. The Uconnect system will automatically detect the possible connection.

Permit Projection Management: 

Once the system is connected to your vehicle, then it shows you to enable the projection manager. The UConnect also offers on-screen instructions to follow and understand the procedure.

Choose Your Preferred Aim:

Choose between your Android Auto or Apple Carplay on your smartphone operating system. How to use an uconnect projection manager? The Uconnect system automatically sets up a corresponding platform.

Access Apps And Features: 

The Uconnect system lets you activate and enjoy your favorite features and apps directly from the vehicle infotainment system. Navigate through movie streaming apps and features, use google assistant and command things, make a phone call, and quickly access navigation services.

Customize Settings:

Depending on your preferences, you can customize various settings, such as notifications, messaging options, and audio playback.

Disconnect And Exist:

When you have finished using the Uconnect Projection Manager, disconnect your smartphone from the USB port. The system will automatically exit the platform, returning to the default infotainment screen.

Tips For How To Use Uconnect Projection Manager:

  • Keep your smartphone’s operating system current to ensure compatibility with the Uconnect Projection Manager.
  • Use high-quality USB cables to maintain a stable connection between your smartphone and vehicle. 
  • Prioritize road safety by minimizing distraction and utilizing voice commands whenever possible. 


To make the most of the Uconnect Projection Manager’s features to upgrade your driving experience, you have to utilize it. You may easily link your smartphone with the pleasure system in your car by following the easy-to-follow instructions for using Uconnect Projection Management. 


Is it free to use Uconnect?

For $14.99 per month, you can buy a membership to Uconnect Services.

Is Android the base for Uconnect?

Through Android Auto, the Uconnect navigation system can connect to iPhones that run on Android.

How do the Uconnect 5 directions work?

Uconnect 5 was made to reach many features with just one touch.

Can two phones be linked to UConnect?

You can connect more than one phone or gadget to your car. The most crucial device that is linked will be used.