How to Train Your German shepherds To Track?

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A German shepherd holds many such qualities that make them a brilliant dog for every master. The masters do not lack behinds to pay any amount for a German Shepherd’s price in India. German Shepherds are innate and have an intuitive ability to pick the scents. However, this skill needs proper training. You need to start training your dogs to find many small retrievable objects from a very early age and progress them to track them.

To train your German Shepherds to track various objects, you need to teach them to find things in a distraction-free environment. After the dog learns to focus the object through the scents, you need to introduce them through distractions and adding distance. After learning these things your German will then be completely ready to track the long distance.



To enable these skills in your dog to track things, make them learn about the use of the nose to do the trick. Teach them the command, and your German Shepherds will jump to act the moment you say “go find it”. Start this technique first with a dog treat, and then toss it on the ground. As the German Shepherds move to get the treat say the command, “Find it”.

Prepare some challenges for your German Pet, hold their leash and toss the treat to a place away from the dog’s sight. After giving this training you can get the result of  Proximity and recover it.



Anchor Scent with The Play:

As German Shepherds love to play and be strategic, you need to leverage their enthusiasm by educating them in searching the objects. Use various pet-friendly scents for coating and dusting various toys. Your German Shepherds need to grow strong associations with playtime and smells, just like to register certain toys. This will hardly take a week for the dogs to understand each toy with a distinct smell.

The German Shepherds were also hired by Security officials by paying for German Shepherd price in India, so they can train these dogs and use them to find the thief, bomb, and several other things.


Train Them to Find Object Using His View

Instruct the German to sit, and let them smell specific toys. Place the toys away from them at a far distance. Then point the objects and command them to find them. The dog will go after the toys by showing more interest, but the pointer will guide them, and your commands will be registered.

You need to do this repeatedly until you realize “FIND IT” means they have to retrieve what they just smelled. But, you need to bribe your dog with treats, as there is no other way of developing associations quicker than with treats.


Train Your German Shepherd to Find Hidden Objects

After giving them two weeks of training, these young German Shepherds are able to find the visible objects using commands without a pointing finger guide. By hiding the toys from the third week of training, they will slowly start to find these objects and get them.

The German Shepherd’s special skills make them a guard dog, as these skills help them to find the thief and avoid any kind of theft and bombing. Unlike the German shepherd, the Husky holds some of these special skills. You can get the husky by almost paying the equal amount for Husky price in India.

You can easily get the German shepherds at almost every place of India, as they can easily adapt to every kind of environment and performs great.